Show me cocktails with whiskey I can make.

Cocktail Colin says:

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I have found some whiskey-based cocktails that you can make. Here are the top 3 options: 1. **Rob Roy** - Rating: 4.56/5 - Ingredients: Angostura Bitters, Red vermouth, Whiskey - Glass: Cocktail glass 2. **Old Fashioned** - Rating: 4.54/5 - Ingredients: Sugar, Angostura Bitters, Bourbon - Glass: Whiskey glass 3. **Whisky Sour** - Rating: 4.51/5 - Ingredients: Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, Bourbon, Egg White - Glass: Whiskey glass These cocktails are highly rated and feature whiskey as one of the primary ingredients, offering a range of flavors and styles to choose from. Enjoy your whiskey cocktail-making experience!
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You asked: Top whiskey cocktails to make. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Winter Whisky Sour

The Winter Whisky Sour is a seasonal twist on the classic Whisky Sour cocktail, embracing the citrus notes of orange...

Orange juice (15ml), Lemon Juice (15ml), Sugar Syrup (7.5ml), Bourbon (60ml)

4 ingredients
4.8 / 5

Rob Roy

The Rob Roy is a classic Scotch whisky cocktail akin to a Manhattan but distinguished by its use of Scotch...

Angostura Bitters (Dash), Red vermouth (25ml), Whiskey (45ml)

3 ingredients
4.56 / 5

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail with a rich history and a bold, complex flavor profile. Originating in the...

Sugar (1 cube), Angostura Bitters (Few dashes), Bourbon (45ml)

3 ingredients
4.54 / 5

Whisky Sour

The Whisky Sour is a classic cocktail that has been enjoyed for over a century, with a history that dates...

Lemon Juice (25ml), Sugar Syrup (20ml), Bourbon (45ml), Egg (1 egg white)

4 ingredients
4.51 / 5

Whisky Steak Cocktail

The drink was created to pay homage to the MacDonald Manchester Hotel & Spa chain’s Scottish heritage. The Scottish steak...

Pepper (Pinch), Rosemary Syrup (Dash), Whiskey (60ml)

3 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Whisky Smash

Essentially a mix between a Mint Julep and a Whisky Sour, this drink appeared in Jerry Thomas' bartending book in...

Mint Leaves (10), Lemon Juice (22.5ml), Sugar Syrup (15ml), Bourbon (60ml)

4 ingredients
4.22 / 5

Whisky Punch

The Whisky Punch is a classic cocktail that combines the boldness of whiskey with the sweetness and tang of lemonade,...

Lemonade (1000ml), Whiskey (750ml), Honey syrup (60ml), Soda water (1000ml)

4 ingredients
3.96 / 5

Whiskey Daisy

The Whiskey Daisy is a classic cocktail with a refreshing and citrus-forward flavor profile. It expertly combines the warmth and...

Orange liqueur (15ml), Lemon Juice (30ml), Whiskey (60ml), Sugar Syrup (7.5ml)

4 ingredients
3.93 / 5

Whisky Stone Sour

The Whisky Stone Sour is a classic twist on the traditional sour cocktail, providing a harmonious blend of tart and...

Orange juice (60ml), Whiskey (45ml), Sour Mix (90ml)

3 ingredients
3.8 / 5

Fancy Whisky

A very old cocktail, from the time when cocktails were originally invented. The "Fancy…" was a type of type of...

Sugar Syrup (Dash), Angostura Bitters (Dash), Bourbon (60ml)

3 ingredients
3.63 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What types of whiskey are used in cocktails?

Whiskey used in cocktails can be bourbon, scotch, rye, or Irish whiskey, each bringing its distinct flavor profile. Bourbon is sweet, scotch is smoky, rye is spicy, and Irish whiskey is smooth and light.

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What tools do I need to make whiskey cocktails?

To make whiskey cocktails, you typically need a mixing glass, bar spoon, cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger for measuring, and sometimes, a muddler. Having the right tools helps in achieving the perfect balance in your drink.

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Can whiskey be used in summer cocktails?

Yes, whiskey can be used in summer cocktails. Light and refreshing whiskey cocktails, often with lemonade, ginger ale, or citrus juices, are perfect for warmer weather.

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What is the best way to serve whiskey?

Whiskey can be served neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails, depending on personal preference. Serving it at room temperature or slightly chilled can help enhance its flavors.

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How can I garnish whiskey cocktails?

Garnishes for whiskey cocktails can include citrus twists, cherries, mint leaves, or even branded items like cinnamon sticks. These add aroma and visual appeal to the drink.

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