Show me a flight of Irish whiskey to taste neat for St. Patrick's Day.

Cocktail Colin says:

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I have found a selection of cocktails that are inspired by Irish whiskey and perfect for tasting neat on St. Patrick's Day. These cocktails range in complexity and taste, offering you a variety of flavors to enjoy on this special day.
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You asked: Flight of Irish whiskey for St. Patrick's Day.. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Prairie Whistle

The Prairie Whistle is a compelling cocktail that brings together the warm depth of whiskey with the celebratory sparkle of...

Aniseed liqueur (10ml), Champagne / prosecco (90ml), Whiskey (75ml), Chocolate bitters (Dash)

4 ingredients
4.56 / 5

Shamrocked Shooter

The Shamrocked Shooter is a vibrant and indulgent cocktail that features a trio of distinct layers. Combining the creamy texture...

Bailey's (15ml), Melon liqueur (60ml), Whiskey (15ml)

3 ingredients
3.91 / 5

Irish Courage

If you mix this drink right it'll be pretty much black with a blue/colourless layer on top. Take it in...

Vodka (Teaspoon), White rum (Teaspoon), Grenadine (Teaspoon), Whiskey (10ml), Blue Curaçao (Teaspoon)

5 ingredients
3.87 / 5

Irish Coffee Shot

This is a great, quick alternative to get the taste of a hot Irish coffee without the heat.

Coffee liqueur (15ml), Whiskey (15ml)

2 ingredients
3.86 / 5


Adapted from ABC of Mixing Cocktails by Harry McElhone, this drink shares its name with a town in southern Ireland....

Green Chartreuse (15ml), Red vermouth (20ml), Whiskey (60ml)

3 ingredients
3.83 / 5


The Paddy cocktail is a robust, whiskey-based drink known for being straightforward and strong. This cocktail elegantly combines the richness...

Angostura Bitters (Dash), Red vermouth (30ml), Whiskey (60ml)

3 ingredients
3.82 / 5

White Irishman

This is similar to a White Russian - I invented this when I didn't have any vodka on hand. Since...

Coffee liqueur (60ml), Half And Half (60ml), Whiskey (60ml)

3 ingredients
3.78 / 5

Irish Flag

The Irish Flag cocktail is a visually striking layered shooter that showcases the colors of the Irish national flag: green,...

Bailey's (10ml), Brandy (10ml), Creme De Menthe (10ml)

3 ingredients
3.77 / 5

One Ireland

The One Ireland cocktail is a dessert-like beverage with a distinctly Irish twist, combining the creamy, sweet notes of vanilla...

Vanilla Ice Cream (Scoop), Creme De Menthe (15ml), Whiskey (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.68 / 5

Irish Eyes

The cocktail Irish Eyes is a smooth, indulgent drink, known for its creamy texture and refreshing minty undercurrent provided by...

Cream (60ml), Creme De Menthe (7.5ml), Whiskey (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.55 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What is a flight of whiskey?

A flight of whiskey is a selection of different types of whiskey served together for tasting, often to compare flavors and profiles.

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Why is Irish whiskey popular on St. Patrick's Day?

Irish whiskey is a cultural staple associated with Ireland, making it a popular choice for celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

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How should I taste whiskey neat?

To taste whiskey neat, use a small glass, take a small sip, and let it rest on your palate to appreciate the flavors before swallowing.

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What are some common characteristics of Irish whiskey?

Irish whiskey is typically smooth, with a sweet and light flavor profile, often with notes of vanilla, honey, and fruit.

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How can I host a whiskey tasting at home?

To host a whiskey tasting, gather a variety of whiskeys, provide tasting glasses, and offer water and light snacks to cleanse the palate between tastings.

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