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"pretty genius hack to make mixing up a delicious cocktail a no-brainer"
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"a booze version of the popular recipe app Supercook"
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"this is a resource you should definitely check out if you want to feel like you’re going out while staying home"
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"The best thing that’s happened to quarantine since Tiger King"
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"incredible cocktail making hack"
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"It's genius, it's pragmatic, and it's about to become your isolation bestie"
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"Tudo vale para criar bebidas incríveis, impressionar os amigos ou até abrir um bar no prédio para partilhar com os vizinhos"
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"A szóban forgó oldalon tehát érdemes körülnézni, ha virtuális összejövetel van tervben, vagy csupán unalmas este elé néz az ember, amikor van ideje kísérletezgetni."
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Make Me A Cocktail is the world's best collections of cocktails and drink recipes, with over 3500 amazing recipes and mixed drinks. Create your own bar and see what you can make from what you have at home. See what cocktails you can make with ingredients and Create collections of cocktails to share.

Inspire the world to create and share amazing cocktails

Grow the world’s greatest community of enthusiasts to inspire, create and share cocktail creations around the globe by building an inclusive, engaging, simple to use platform in a fun and intuitive way.

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