Cocktails I Have Made

This is a list of drinks I have made at home since 20 December 2020

Intro to Aperol - Very Nice

Pegu Club - Just Ok

French Horn - Nice

Mum’s the Word - Very Nice

Ramones - Quite Nice

Boston Sidecar - Nice

Joy Division - Roadhouse but Nice

Boston Sidecar - Nice

Dry Bronx - Nice

Flying Dutchman - Very Nice

Mulled Wine - Fantastic

Harpoon - Very Nice

Cape Codder - Very Nice

Gin and Tonic - Fantastic

B&B - Nice

Vodka Red Bull - Fantastic

Victor - Quite Nice

Manhattan Sweet - Very Nice Indeed

Sidecar - Nice

Rob Roy - Nice

Negroni - Fantastic

Manhattan Dry - Nice

Cosmopolitan - Fantastic

Manhattan Sunrise - Just ok

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