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Cocktails that are mentioned and/or drunk in Archer and/or appear in the book How to Archer. It's a who's-who of classic, classy, and/or delicious cocktails.

The book also contains several cocktails that do not appear on this website, such as the fictional Green Russian (absinthe and milk) and the Molotov Cocktail (which is better categorized as an incendiary weapon than a cocktail).

On the flip side the book refuses to give several recipes on the grounds that they should be ordered in only one establishment (the Bellini at Bellini's for instance). My list includes these recipes!

Finally, note that in the book, Archer recommends using high-end ingredients such as gomme syrup and thirty-year-old port to mix your cocktails.

All of which goes to show that Sterling Archer is a man of impeccable taste.

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