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This week: coffee ☕️

If you’re anything like me, it’s not that you have a problem with coffee, it’s that you have a problem without it. The stuff is just so delicious.

Coffee has seen huge growth over the last few years and caffeine-fuelled cocktails are no different. When Drinks International asked bartenders earlier this year for their best-selling classic cocktails, guess which one was the biggest climber in the top ten? Yep, the Espresso Martini.

We like to make sure you’re on top of the latest trends here at Make Me A Cocktail so read on for more coffee-inspired creations for you to try at home.

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Did you know?


Dick Bradsell, a UK bartender, was working in Fred’s Club in London in the late 1980s when a young model came in and asked for a drink that would ‘wake me up and then f*** me up’. He made her the first-ever Espresso Martini. Dick passed away in 2016 but you can watch him make his famous creation here.

What to make this week

Red Eye

Easy - Espresso Martini (4 ingredients. Vodka based)

Good vodka and coffee is the trick. Shake them with the Kahlua and ice until you get a frothy head. Don’t have too many or you won’t sleep.

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Melynk Flip

Medium - Irish coffee (4 ingredients. Whisky based)

The perfect winter pick-me-up. Be gentle when warming the whisky, coffee and sugar. Serve in an Irish coffee glass for authenticity.

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Treasure chest image

Hard - Toblerone (6 ingredients, Cream based)

From Simon Polinsky’s ‘The Complete Encyclopedia of Cocktails’, this one is for those with a real sweet tooth. Simply blend and serve.

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Quick history lesson

The origins of coffee go all the way back to a 9th-century Ethiopian goat herder called Kaldi, according to the US-based National Coffee Association. He discovered its energising effect after noticing that his goats didn’t want to take a nap after eating the beans. He told the local religious elders about his revelation and they all started to drink it to stay awake through long sessions of prayer! If that's not a reason to celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1, I don't know what is.

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