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El Comediante cocktail

Glass type

Highball glass
Highball glass

5 ingredients

It may sound like too many flavor profiles but it is truly the best cocktail I’ve ever had (or made).


Before you do anything, infuse the gold rum with red bell pepper slices and smoked/dried habanero. Remove the seeds and place the half red bell pepper per 4oz rum and however much habanero you desire (if it’s smoked there’s not much heat).
Let infuse in a covered jar at least 12 hours, but 24 is ideal. When done, strain the rum into a clean jar and set aside.
Combine rum, ginger syrup, lime juice, and ice into shaker. Shake and strain into the highball glass filled with ice. Top with about 1oz of ginger ale (the spicier the better). With the back of a spoon, float a little red wine on top (also ~1oz). If you do it correctly, you can see 3 separate layers (rum mix, ginger ale, wine) and thus needs no garnish.


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