Skye Bar Caipirinha

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Skye Bar Caipirinha cocktail

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Whisky glass
Whisky glass

3 ingredients

  • 2measures2 measures2 measures2measures2 measuresLime
  • 2tsp2 tsp2 tsp2tsp2 tspSugar
  • 2.5oz0clml2.5oz2.5ozCachaca
Hotel Unique has unveiled its newly renovated Skye Bar, already regarded as one of the most iconic rooftops in the world, in the bustling city of Sao Paulo. With an investment of one million dollars, the renowned rooftop bar and restaurant has been updated to a sleek, modern and stylish atmosphere, mirroring the type of clientele it attracts. With the only 360 degree rooftop view of all Sao Paulo, the chic rooftop bar of Hotel Unique, knows their cocktails.


To build the base of a caipirinha, white cachaca should be used as aged cachaca does not match very well with lime as it brings out wood flavour profiles and does not match with the acidity of the lime.
1 Cut the lime in the centre breaking into two equal bands. Use only one part of the lime for each drink.
2 Remove the core, cut into three pieces and add sugar to taste (in general two bar spoons of sugar are more than enough)
3 Macerate (muddle) gently in order to not extract the acid part of the lime too much - we want the acidity of the lemon, but nothing excessive
4 Add ice and top it with 80ml (2.5 oz) of a quality cachaca and stir well
5 And have a nice drink!


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