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Bow Tie cocktail

Glass type

Whisky glass
Whisky glass

3 ingredients

  • ½ shot½ shot½ shot½ shot½ shotWhisky
  • 1 shot1 shot1 shot1 shot1 shotKahlua
  • 1 shot1 shot1 shot1 shot1 shotGin
This Japan-inspired drink came to be when I combined a little Nikka barrel strength whisky with the exceptionally fragrant Roku gin, and gave it a healthy dash of Kahlua to round it off. The result surprised me so much that I had to share it. The first thing that hits you is the botanical fragrance of the gin, followed by the earthy notes from the whisky. The tastes then moves back from the ground up, but with an exceptionally rounded taste that tops off this sipper and keeps you from loosing your cool. I enjoy it neat, but feel free to add ice for a more polished serve. The amount of Kahlua can be suited to taste: less producing a rougher texture, while more resulting in a sweeter mix often appreciated by the ladies.


On the rocks: Add clear ice to an old fashioned glass or whisky taster, stir and drain the water. Pour the whisky, gin and Kahlua over the ice in that order and stir gently. Serve.
Neat: As above without the ice, and swirling instead of stirring.


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