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Snakenip cocktail

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Highball glass
Highball glass

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Hi, my name is Dominic, more so known around the internet as DomTSVG. This cocktail came to me when I had a "Double Jack Stinger" at a Seattle Mariners baseball game. As I use a snake/serpent as my avatar of choice in nearly every aspect, and this is a combination of my favorite flavors in a delicious, sweet cocktail, the name fits for me. The name "Snakenip" is a play on words for "Catnip", as this is my favorite cocktail of all time when the ingredients are just right. This cocktail, as I said, is a sweet one, but you can make it less sweet, see method for details.


Grab a large glass and add ice to it. (Optionally you can leave out the ice, but the cocktail is best cold.)
Pour in two shots of apple cider flavoured whiskey. My preferred for this particular cocktail is "Serpent's Bite" apple cider whiskey.
Next, add in a splash of grenadine, don't mix yet. Don't add too much, or the flavor will be too intense or sweet.
Fill the glass with lemonade, I typically use a 12 ounce can of Minute Maid when I don't have anything else, but any lemonade will do. How much you use is really up to you.
If the cocktail doesn't mix enough while pouring, use a spoon or a chopstick to stir it a bit until it's mixed. The blend should have a very light red tint in the yellow of the lemonade, and look orangeish.
Feel free to top with a cherry or two, or garnish with a lemon. Best served cold, but can be enjoyed warm, I suppose. Enjoy!


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