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The Scurvy Scot cocktail

Glass type

Whisky glass
Whisky glass

3 ingredients

Citrus can cure scurvy, a debilitating condition. Our ancient Scot sailor was suffering from this ailment and learned of the benefits of citrus as a cure. The normal dosage of citrus required dilution of the juice in water. However, as a good Scot, he only drank "Mother's Milk from Scotland" which we all know is Scotch Whisky. To affect his cure, our mariner mixed a bit of sweet and a bit of citrus in his daily portion of Scotch Whisky. A miraculous cure was the result for the Scurvy Scot!


Prepare the glass by wiping the rim with lime.
Muddle the lime juice and brown sugar in the bottom of the glass until the sugar is dissolved.
Add the Scotch, swirl, add ice and swirl again. Garnish with lime peel and/or rock candy swizzle stick.
Drink and be healthy.

To see how to make a candy swizzle stick see here:


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