Blue Blazer

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Blue Blazer cocktail

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2 ingredients

  • TeaspoonTeaspoonTeaspoonTeaspoonSugar
  • Wine glassWine glassWine glassWine glassScotch Whisky
Taken from 'The Savoy Cocktail Book' by Harry Craddock, written in 1930. It says: “The Blue Blazer does not have a very euphonious or classic name, but it tastes better to the palate than it sounds to the ear. A beholder gazing for the first time upon an experienced artist, compounding this beverage, would naturally come to the conclusion that it was a nectar for Pluto rather than Bacchus. The novice in mixing this beverage should be careful not to scald himself. To become proficient in throwing the liquid from one mug to the other, it will be necessary to practise for some time with cold water.”


Put the whisky into one mug, and a wine glass of boiling water into another mug. Ignite the whisky on fire, and while it is blazing mix both ingredients by pouring them four or five times from one mug to the other. If well done, this will have the appearance of a continued stream of liquid fire. When well mixed, extinguish the flames. Sweeten with a teaspoon of sugar, garnish with a lemon peel and serve.


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