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Basketball cocktail

Glass type

Brandy sniffer
Brandy sniffer

3 ingredients

This Recipe for a Basketball is one I found whilst being a Cocktail Barman in Bars & Clubs in Hong Kong 1990'ish


Things you will need:
Cointreau, Cognac, Sambuca, a brandy sifter-glass, a lighter and some saliva.

It's best to use a brandy sifter-glass as there are different sizes to fit different peoples sizes of hands! To check if it fits turn the glass upside down and see that its circumference fits within your palm.

Put the Cointreau, Cognac and Sambuca into the Brandy Glass

Start out slowly heating the brandy-glass by lighting the lighter and keeping a steady heat to the bulb part of the brandy glass which you keep rotating (the brandy glass will become black, don't worry about it).

When the liquid is warm it will be giving off alcohol vapour. Quickly lick your palm which you will be putting over the lit glass.

Light the contents and put your licked palm quickly over the brandy glass's round top.

With the glass covered the flames will slowly burn up all the oxygen creating a vacuum inside the glass. Your hand might become hot but the saliva will stop you getting burned.

Now with the glass vacuum sealed onto your palm you can turn the glass upside down and do a basketball basket shot movement. The glass will be firmly attached to your palm!

Ok now comes the final 2 steps. 1 part is alcohol in the glass and the other part is alcohol vapour. Slide the rim of the glass off your hand near your thumb and forefinger.

Step 1 quickly sniff the air from inside the glass and
Step 2 down the cocktail in one action.

The mix of vapour and liquid alcohol really gives you an amazing hit, coupled with the fun of all playing basketball together. This really is a great party starter.

R Whitehead


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