What’s the Best Thing to Sip on While Playing Your Favorite Casino Games?

  • 4th March 2023

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Gambling and drinking have always been closely linked, with many players enjoying a drink or two while they try their luck at the casino. But what’s the best drink to sip on while playing your favorite casino games, even when you are trying to find the best casino games online.  We’ve scoured the internet and asked experts for their opinions, and here’s what we found.

The Classics: Cocktails and Beer

When it comes to casino drinks, cocktails, and beer are the classics. Many players enjoy sipping on a cocktail while they play, with the most popular options being martinis and margaritas. Beer is also a popular choice, with many casinos offering a wide selection of draft and bottled beers.

Cocktails and beer are the most popular drinks among casino players. They suggest ordering a drink that’s easy to sip on, such as a gin and tonic or a light beer, so that you can focus on your game.

However, it’s important to note that alcohol can impair your judgment and affect your decision-making skills, which can be detrimental when playing casino games. So, if you’re going to drink, it’s important to do so in moderation.

Non-Alcoholic Options

For those who prefer to stay sober while playing, there are plenty of non-alcoholic options available. According to an article by USA Today, some casinos offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, including soda, juice, and mocktails.

One non-alcoholic option that’s gaining popularity is CBD-infused drinks. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants that are said to have a variety of health benefits. Some casinos are now offering CBD-infused drinks, which are said to help players relax and focus.

Another popular non-alcoholic option is coffee. According to an article by Casino Player Magazine, coffee can help you stay alert and focused, which is essential when you’re playing casino games. However, they also caution that too much caffeine can have the opposite effect and cause you to become jittery and anxious.

Hydration is Key

No matter what you choose to sip on while playing, it’s important to stay hydrated. According to an article by Casino Player Magazine, staying hydrated can help you stay alert and focused, which is essential when you’re playing casino games.

They suggest drinking water throughout your gaming session and avoiding drinks that are high in sugar or caffeine, as these can cause you to crash later on. They also recommend bringing your own water bottle to the casino, as many casinos charge high prices for bottled water.

Other Considerations

When selecting a drink to enjoy while gaming, it’s important to consider the atmosphere of the casino you’re in. For example, if you’re playing at a high-end casino, you may want to order a more sophisticated drink, such as a martini or a glass of wine. However, if you’re playing at a more casual casino, a beer or a simple mixed drink may be more appropriate.

It’s also important to consider the time of day when selecting a drink. If you’re playing early in the morning, a cup of coffee or tea may be more appropriate than an alcoholic beverage. On the other hand, if you’re playing late at night, a drink that’s a little stronger may be more appropriate.

Food Pairings

In addition to drinks, many casinos offer a variety of food options that can be paired with your beverage of choice. According to an article by Food Network, some popular casino food pairings include:

  • Beer and burgers
  • Champagne and oysters
  • Whiskey and steak
  • Margaritas and tacos

Pairing your drink with the right food can enhance your overall casino experience and make your gaming session even more enjoyable.


When it comes to casino drinks, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail, a non-alcoholic mocktail, or just plain water, the most important thing is to stay hydrated and focused while you play. So next time you hit the casino, choose your drink wisely and enjoy your gaming session to the fullest.

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