Top cocktails for a casino-themed party

  • 5th August 2019

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Regardless of whether you’re planning an elaborate casino-themed party or are expecting a bunch of friends for a weekend poker session, preparing the right drinks to for the occasion can go a long way in determining the success of the do. It can in fact be the difference between a dud evening everyone would want to forget and a super-hit party people will talk about for not just months, but years! Here in this short article, we will tell you about some top cocktails that are a big hit in all such casino-themed parties.

One thing we’d like to highlight here is that the best way to enjoy such drinks/cocktails is by actively engaging in what you’re expected to enjoy at such parties – gambling! For instance, you could play food roulette, a casino inspired game that’s a big hit at all such parties. You can learn more about it here.

Poker Face

This popular drink has been around for a much longer time than the well-known Lady Gaga hit. It’s a classic, refreshing and light cocktail which is served in almost every casino throughout the world. The best time to enjoy it is on a warm day, with plenty of ice!

To prepare this cocktail, you must add two shots of tequila to one short of triple sec and three shots of pineapple juice, followed by twisting some lemon. Stir well with ice and then strain into a high ball glass. Feel free to garnish it using mini umbrellas and fruits, to get the feel right!

Vesper Martini

This is the drink for you if you are a James Bond fan! Having it by your side and sipping it constantly will get you in just the right mood for an evening of gambling. Shaken, but never stirred, Vesper Martini has gained an iconic status in the casino world. The fact that it’s not very hard to make is an added advantage.

It was seen for the first time in the Casino Royale book and the recipe was shared by the Bond himself. Going exactly by what James Bond asks for, you need to make a dry martini using one shot of vodka, three measures of gin and half shot of Vermouth. It should be preferably had shaken with ice until it reaches the right cold for you, followed by adding some lemon to it.

Last Chance

An ideal cocktail to call it quits, Last Chance offers a great deal of refreshment to conclude your gambling evening. If you have been drinking or making cocktails throughout the evening, this drink’s simplicity will come as a breath of fresh air!

All you need to do is combine two parts of vodka with four measures of orange juice and one part triple sec. Feel free to add some extra orange juice in case you want it even lighter. You can even prepare a larger volume by multiplying the orange juice and shots, and pass it around in a jug!

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