Top 5 James Bond’s Favourite Cocktail Recipes

  • 2nd March 2023

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Class, style, and elegance – are the first three words we can associate with James Bond’s character. Even so, James Bond’s love for cocktails is intensely highlighted in his movies and books. To embody Bond’s spirit, you must try the following recipes.

The Vesper Martini

Ian Fleming‘s novel “Casino Royale” introduced this iconic drink, and ever since then, it has been known as Bond’s go-to choice. Named after Vesper, Bond’s significant other, the Vesper Martini has remained the character’s signature cocktail.

How can you make this cocktail at home?

For the recipe for this cocktail, you have to follow up these steps:

  • Add three measures of gin with some ice, one measure of vodka, and ½ measure of Lillet Blanc in a mixing glass.
  • Blend well and pour into a cooled martini glass.
  • Optionally, you can decorate the glass with some lemon peel.

The traditional Martini

We couldn’t skip adding to our list James Bond’s favourite cocktail. This drink is featured in many movies and is a James Bond symbol.

Step-by-step instructions for Bond’s Martini

The recipe is quite common, and it includes the following ingredients:

  • Add 2 1/2 oz. of gin, 1/2 oz. of dry vermouth, and ice in a cocktail shaker.
  • Blend the mixture well and pour it into a martini glass.
  • To give it a twist, you can decorate your drink with an olive or some lemon peel.

The Americano

Also, Ian Fleming’s favourite aperitif, the Americano, is mentioned several times, being the first drink James Bond orders in Fleming’s series.

A short guide on the Americano’s recipe

  • Add one oz. of Campari, one oz. of sweet vermouth, and some club soda in a classic glass with some ice.
  • Blend it well and decorate your glass with an orange slice.

The Negroni

A signature James Bond cocktail featured in the movie “Skyfall” is the Negroni. Even though this drink is made with two strong liquors, both men and women prefer it.

Fetch your own Negroni cocktail

This elegant yet strong drink is easy to make by following these steps:

  • Add one oz. of gin, one oz. of Campari, and one oz. of sweet vermouth.
  • Blend well using circular motions of the shaker in the air and pour the mix into a rocks glass filled with ice.
  • Decorate with an orange slice.

The Stinger

Even though this drink did not appear in James Bond’s movies, the Stinger is frequently mentioned in Fleming’s novels. Many have classified this drink as softer and more feminine – two characteristics that do not associate with the 007 characters.

The Stinger cocktail’s recipe

To make this cocktail, you’ll need to follow this recipe:

  • In a classic glass, add some ice and 1 1/2 oz. of brandy, and 3/4 oz. of white mint cream.
  • Blend well and pour it into a cocktail glass with some ice cubes.

James Bond-themed party – what should you include?

If you want to organise a James Bond-themed party, you should not skip the immaculate outfits for your guests, so a dress code is necessary. Apart from that, it would help if you had an open bar where people could enjoy these custom Bond-inspired cocktails.

Another idea is to recreate the right environment and atmosphere for your party. A casino-based setting would be ideal. Guests could engage in some gambling entertainment while enjoying their sophisticated beverages. These are the main features that must be included in a 007 theme party.

What are James Bond’s go-to casino games?

If you host a party where guests can engage in some casino games, you must include Baccarat. This traditional table game is James Bond’s favourite casino game. This game is featured in numerous James Bond movies, such as No.1 or Thunderball. The 007 agent is often portrayed sitting at the table sipping on a Martini.

Another casino game captured in the Bond series is the classic Texas Hold’em.

Even though many of the slick, elegant elements of Bond’s characteristics have declined in popularity, card games like Baccarat have now found new ways of keeping us entertained virtually. Baccarat online casinos and their bonuses are now in demand. To be like 007, you don’t need to travel to Monaco, Vegas, or Montenegro.

Thus, if you’re not familiar with this type of game and want to give them a try, you can practise your skills and learn more insights by opting for web-based versions of these games.

Cocktails are considered a character expression

James Bond’s go-to drinks reflect the strong character portrayed in both the film series and novels. With a twist of elegance and power, Bond enjoys both strong and savoury beverages. Try to recreate these iconic cocktails to get a real taste of the 007 feel.

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