This Year’s Icons of the Bar World

As we creep towards the very end of the year, we have the perfect opportunity to look back at some of the most influential bartenders in the world over the past 12 months. These bartenders have earned their place and were awarded these honours by Bar World 100. Once you look at their achievements, it is easy to see why!

Monica Berg

As one of the owners of Tayer + Elementary in London, Berg has been in hospitality since she was a teenager. And bartending as soon as she was legal! She has won many awards for her work over the years, including the Linie Honorary Award, which recognized her contribution to Norwegian food and drink culture, and the Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award – the first woman ever to receive this!

Her childhood was rich with hunting, foraging, and fishing experiences, ensuring she is always in tune with the seasons – something that is always reflected in her cocktails. But it is her business acumen that has really made her stand out, with systems in place to prevent discrimination amongst her staff, and her latest venture as director of the Campari Academy, designed to help bring new bartending talent into the world.

Remy Savage

When Remy Savage opens a bar, you better expect there to be queues around the block. This is exactly what happened when he opened A Bar with Shapes for a Name in London. Remy gained his experience by travelling the world before settling back in France for a while, working at Little Red Door and honing his revolutionary style. He then moved to the Artesian at the Langham Hotel in London, bringing the failing bar back to life and picking up a number of awards along the way, including Best European Mixologist at the Mixology Bar Awards and Head Bartender six out of eight years at the World’s Best Bars.

There is a lot more to come from this man, who has his eye on another little venue in Paris!

Danil Nevsky

Danil has reached a few impressive numbers over the past year. He has trained up well over 5,000 bartenders, all of whom will be leaving his classes and taking his exacting style out into bars all around the world. He also raised over $15,000 for Ukraine via various fundraising methods. No mean feat for a man with cocktails on his mind!

He is no stranger to travelling, having been born in Russia and brought up in Scotland, and he now lives in Barcelona. One of his most notable achievements was the Vagabond Project, where he worked in 11 bars in 11 different countries over the course of 16 months. This experience has led him to this point today: founder of Indie Bartender, and a true force in the cocktail industry.

If you have any aspirations to become a master bartender one day, then these are faces you need to know! Even amateurs can take a leaf out of their books, perhaps learning one or two exciting tricks along the way.

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