The top cocktail recipes for hosting a casino night

  • 18th October 2022

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Casino nights have always been a popular idea for fund raising events in the corporate or charity world.

In the last few years, they have also become a lot more popular as a party theme for people entertaining their friends. Online guides like this suggest that the best way to get a live casino experience at home is via your computer, but you can also go all out and rent poker tables, roulette wheels and even slot machines for your party!

Of course, any good host is going to provide refreshments to their guests during a casino party, and what could be better than providing your own casino inspired cocktails?

Read on to see our expert tips and drink ideas for your casino themed evening.

Vesper Martini

One of the first drinks on our list has to be a Vesper Martini. The Vesper Martini is the drink of choice by 007’s James Bond — a fictional frequenter of casinos, for example in the films Dr. No and Casino Royale.

The Vesper Martini features in the Casino Royale book and includes three measures of gin alongside a shot of vodka and half a shot with ice. Shaken with ice, not stirred, and served alongside lemon.

This dry martini is a classic and always does well at casino-themed parties.

Poker Face

This drink has been around long before Lady Gaga popularised the term in her song and has become a classic in casinos across the globe. It’s a light and refreshing option for guests, featuring a combination of two shots of tequila, one shot of triple sec, three shots of pineapple juice and a lemon twist.

Stirred with ice and strained into a glass, you need to be sure to have this one on your menu. It’s also perfect for summer!

Bloody Mary

A popular drink option while on planes or after a big night out, the Bloody Mary is also a great choice for a casino-themed drinks menu.

It’s a perfect drink for those who want something strong and savoury, and consists of three parts of vodka, six parts of lemon juice, lemon and a spice blend which includes pepper. You can also include tabasco sauce, Worcester sauce, or even a dash of red wine, depending on how you like to make your Bloody Mary’s.

Serve with a celery stick and a lemon slice and you’ve done this delicious drink the justice it deserves!

Gloom Chaser

Despite its name, this drink involves no gloom and is much brighter than you’d expect. A blend of Orange Curaçao, Grand Marnier (in equal parts), lemon and grenadine, it is then shaken and strained into a cocktail glass.

With its glamorous red hue, it’s perfect for the casino setting – whether it’s at a private venue or hosted in your home! Investing in the right glassware for it can make all the difference and really add to the casino atmosphere.

Rhett Butler

This tasty drink is named after one of the most famous characters in the film Gone with the Wind who was known for enjoying a gaming table. To make this drink, you need one unit of Orange Curaçao, a half unit of lime juice, a half measure of lemon juice (this one is citrus-y!) and a bit of Southern Comfort. Topped with club soda and served in a highball glass, you can make this drink extra fancy by adding an orange slice and some mint.

It’s one your guests may not have come across before and definitely a drink that impresses a crowd. 

Monte Carlo

This drink is known for being delicious, strong, and simple. It’s an easy one to make and perfect for a casino night, being that it’s named after one of the best casinos in the world.

All that’s needed for this drink is rye, benedictine, angostura bitters and Peychaud’s bitters. Combine all the ingredients for it in a mixer and stir (don’t shake). Following that, you strain into a whisky or cocktail glass and serve with a garnish – we recommend lemon peel or a cherry!

Havana Beach

Havana is well known for its fancy hotels and casinos, so you have to have a Havana-themed cocktail on your menu. The Havana Beach has a tropical twist to it with two measures of pineapple juice, a shot of white rum, sugar, fresh lime and ginger ale. Like the Poker Face, this one is refreshing and a great option for summer.

However, a bit of Havana in the winter time can provide relief from the cold and also serve as a nice reminder of beaches, hot sun and casino days of the past!

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