The ideal cocktail pairings for specific video game genres

  • 10th November 2022

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Gaming and drinking can go well together. In fact, many gamers have their go-to favorites for a marathon gaming session, be it a strong whiskey or a fine glass of red wine. While it’s probably not as common as sipping a beer during a UFC gaming session, there are also some gamers who go one step further and opt for a cocktail.

While drinking and gaming is a fairly common combination, there obviously needs to be a balance to it. No matter what type of gaming you do, it’s certainly a good idea to monitor your alcohol intake if you’re planning on having a successful gaming session. Once a balance is struck up, though, certain cocktails pair beautifully with certain games, be it a strong concoction for a role-playing product or a fruity offering with a bit of punch ahead of a combat-based title. Even in other forms of gaming, such as sports betting and gaming at Mr Green Casino or playing board games with friends and family, having an alcoholic beverage nearby is a necessary inclusion. What can be tricky, though, is knowing the perfect cocktails for certain video game genres. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ideal cocktail pairings for a few video game genres.

Sports games – Black Velvet

When attending sports events in the flesh, beer is generally everywhere. As such, it makes perfect sense to enjoy a beer-based cocktail during a sports gaming session. A British favorite, pairing a game of FIFA with a Black Velvet cocktail is the perfect combination, with this particular tipple containing stout, such as Guinness, and white sparkling wine. Other beer-based options for a sports gaming session include a beer margarita and a diesel.

First and third-person shooter games – Red Bull Vodka

Although this particular recommendation isn’t the most exciting of cocktails on the list, it’s perfectly suited to first and third-person shooters. Shooters are one of the most competitive games around, hence why a strong dose of vodka and Red Bull will enable a gamer to have their constant attention on the action while also providing them with the energy needed to make quick decisions. It’s certainly worth remembering that this drink should be sipped, though, largely because it’s a fairly strong creation.

Puzzle games – Kalimotxo

Enjoyed throughout the Basque region of Spain, a Kalimotxo is a tasty drink to accompany a puzzle gaming session. Incredibly easy to prepare and enabling you to spruce up an occasionally dull glass of red, this particular cocktail is simply a combination of both red wine and Coca-Cola. While it might sound a little odd to some, it’s an easy drink to savor while you aim to tackle a variety of puzzles and relax with a gaming product. It’s probably worth noting that a good Rioja will make this particular cocktail even tastier, too.

Strategy games – Long Island Iced Tea

RTS games can take a while to conquer, with strategy and patience being two of the main things a gamer requires to smash a particular release in this category of gaming. With that in mind, a Long Island Iced Tea is therefore a great drink to enjoy with this type of game due to its refreshing nature and the fact that it packs enough of a punch to keep you firmly on your game. Containing four of the big alcoholic drinks, it can be a lethal concoction to consume. As such, a weaker version might be necessary or you might want to savor your drink and sip it slowly while you game.

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