The best Halloween cocktails for students

  • 29th September 2021

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Even though it seems that there is enough time till Halloween, it is just around the corner. The preparations for the greatest Halloween parties have already begun. There are so many things to take care of: the decorations, the costumes, the food, and the drinks. Speaking of drinks. Who does not love drinking some Halloween-themed cocktails, especially because there are so many combinations to make?

Being a student in college and getting an education is not only about taking part in classes and seminars, studying for exams, or writing essays. Of course, these activities are an essential part of the academics of every student. But meeting new people and celebrating milestones with friends are also some of the common activities students engage in. So, if you are looking for some Halloween cocktail recipes, you arrived in the right place. Here are some suggestions.

The Walking Dead – Not for Writing

The first Halloween cocktail suggestion is called The Walking Dead. Its name comes from the combination of ingredients, but also because drinking lots of these cocktails will leave you walking dead the next day. This is something you would want to avoid, especially if you need to write an essay and the due date is near. You can always try Edubirdie for support from professionals. But how is The Walking Dead Halloween Cocktail prepared? Well, it has three types of rum: light, dark, and another one of your choice (Bacardi is recommended). It has apricot juice to give it that nice orangey color, lime and orange juice, grenadine, and voila! You have The Walking Dead cocktail which will be a hit at a Halloween party for students.

Ghost Cocktail

If you try to imagine what a ghost cocktail would look like, you should know that it is delicious. Ghosts are portrayed in every animation or movie as being white, so this is the color this cocktail will have. It is similar to a milkshake but with alcohol: the adult version.

And the recipe is quite easy, especially because there are only four ingredients: cream, soda, vanilla syrup, and vodka. And this is all. Just mix the ingredients and you will get a nice and creamy cocktail that will impress all the students at the party.

Witches’ Brew

Cocktails at a Halloween party should not look all the same. Some of them might look disgusting, but they could turn out to be so tasty. The witches brew might look strange, but in fact, it is one of the most loved cocktails by students. And besides this, Halloween parties should follow the theme, so make room for weird cocktails as well.

The Witches’ Brew is prepared with chilled vodka, lime-flavored soda, pineapple juice, lime jelly, and boiling water. It may sound strange already. What cocktail is prepared with boiling water? But the final taste is impressively good. Just try it.

Pomegranate Rum Punch

You can give this cocktail any name you want, especially because it is a Halloween-themed party. The cocktail is simple to prepare, but one of the most delicious ones. Students will love it. You need to prepare some hibiscus tea.

Then, you combine it with rum, pomegranate juice, and blood orange juice. Just imagine the color this cocktail will have. Add a little bit of prosecco and smashed cinnamon and the taste will be incredible.

Tart Cherry Eyeball Punch

Why not spice the party a little bit and add a twist to your cocktails? This one will look like it has eyeballs in it. The cocktail can be made with vodka or light rum. Combine one of these with orange juice, sparkling water, and the syrup from a cherry tart and lychees cans. Then, in every lychee, you can insert a blackberry, and there you have your eyeball.


Wondering which are the best cocktails for students? We hope this list helped you narrow the list of possibilities and start planning the next Halloween party. It seems that there is still enough time to do it, but the truth is a month passes by so quickly. These are the most loved Halloween cocktails by students. You can also adapt each recipe and add a twist. Be creative and start preparing for the big Halloween party that follows

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