The best cocktails to make at home when hosting themed parties

  • 15th July 2022

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With staying at home becoming the new going out over the last few years, there’s never been a better time to host your own party. A cocktail party at home is a sophisticated way to invite over your friends and show off your best cocktail making skills while being able to relax in the comfort and freedom of your own home.

The best part is, you won’t be paying a huge amount for one cocktail like on a night out. Simply source the ingredients from a local grocery store, set the date, and pick a theme and you’re good to go. Whether it’s a special occasion or just an opportunity to get friends together, a cocktail party is never a bad idea.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best cocktails to make at a cocktail party and what themes go down well.

The best cocktails to make

Making cocktails can be trial and error if you’re new to it, however it really helps to follow a recipe to begin with and make it your own as you get more comfortable. Rather than sticking to the classics like mojitos and cosmos, why not make your guests step outside of their comfort zone with a slightly more innovative menu?

Let’s take a look at some innovative cocktails for your cocktail party.

Eucalyptus Martini

Put a twist on classic martini with this refreshing recipe that’s perfect for summer cocktail parties. This one includes a mix of homemade eucalyptus syrup (although you could also buy it online), lime juice and egg white.

If you’re looking to provide your guests with something low calorie and with a little less sugar than usual while still being refreshing, this cocktail is ideal.

Rhubarb – Rosemary Daiquiri

Rhubarb is one of the easiest fruits to get hold of in the summer and goes down so well in a variety of desserts as well as cocktails. Most suited to your guests with a sweeter tooth, the Rhubarb- Rosemary Daiquiri pairs well with a light rum and lemon juice, as well as sweetened rosemary syrup.

It’s the perfect pool or garden party that will certainly have your guests coming back for more.

The Salty Dog

Hosting a barbeque? These salty dogs are the ideal chaser for those hot dogs, or as a starter if you’ve burnt the sausages and don’t want the guests to know. The ingredients include Gin or Vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, salt, and a grapefruit wedge to top it off.

This cocktail is best served in a tall and thin glass, filled with ice and then line the top rim of the glass with a thick layer of salt.

The Paloma

These cocktails look every bit as summery as they sound. Imagine kicking back on a deck chair with a Paloma in hand, while the wind gently breezes through the garden, the music echoes around the guests as they chatter, and the smell of the barbeque lingers in the air. Summer is the best, right?

The Paloma includes mescal or tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice, club soda, sugar, salt, a grapefruit wedge, or alternatively you can use a lime wedge. This cocktail was made iconic in Mexico and means ‘dove’ in Spanish. It has a slightly bitter taste that will suit those that prefer something a little less sweet.

The French 75

Looking for an elegant cocktail to hand guests as they walk through the door? Look no further than the French 75. This one includes Gin, Champagne, a simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and a long spiral lemon twist to top it off.

These cocktails are best served in a champagne flute. The cocktail originated in the 1920’s when the founder of a long standing cocktail bar in France, called the French 75,  created a second iconic bar in New York City, called the Stork Club.

Creating a party theme

No cocktail party is complete without a theme. It’s up to you how elaborate you want to make the theme, in which you could go as far as throwing a full murder mystery party where guests must arrive in full costume, or it could be something as simple as a themed cocktail menu.

Here’s an idea on some of the best cocktail party themes:

  • A casino themed party – The latest technologies mean that an online casino experience can now be just as good as visiting a real-life casino. Simply get a few ipads together and leave them dotted around for guests to enjoy some casino games while sipping on their cocktails.
  • A James Bond Theme – It’s a classic that never gets old. Plus you get to dress up in the most elegant suits and dresses for a night of class. Just be sure to add that classic martini to the menu.
  • A murder Mystery theme – Looking for something a little more adventurous for your guests? Why not set up a murder mystery party! There’s plenty of online providers who can arrange and host the whole thing for you.
  • A beach themed party – Make the most of summer with a beach themed party where everyone has to come in their best Hawain shirts and grass skirts. Just don’t forget the blow up pool and inflatable palm tree!

Overall, there’s nothing better than getting the chance to host your own cocktail party from scratch. Now that you’re equipped with the best cocktail recipes and themes, it’s time to get planning and invite the guests.

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