Spritz Cocktails You’ll Love This Summer

A sweet, summer spritzer is the ideal addition to those long, hot days. Light enough to take you from day to night as you enjoy barbecues, garden parties and picnics in the sunshine, these fizzy, fruity drinks are easy to make and are sure to please the masses!


The ultimate brunch cocktail, a Mimosa is one of the few cocktails you can respectfully sip on before midday! While the typical recipe requires equal parts prosecco and orange juice, it can be adjusted to suit. You can add more orange juice at breakfast and rebalance the ratio throughout the day!

Spritz Al Bitter

If you prefer your spritzers with an edge, the Spritz Al Bitter could be your perfect party drink. Made up of white wine and Campari, topped with soda, it is light, fruity and a little bit naughty!

Aperol Spritz

This classic cocktail has found favour again more recently, due to its effortless drinkability. Using Aperol as the fruit liqueur of choice, this spritz finds bubbles in both Prosecco and soda, making this a drink that will fizz up your nose and straight into your head! Top with an orange slice for the most sophisticated finish.

New World Spritz

This is a drink that turns the idea of a spritzer upside down! Using vodka instead of prosecco, this cocktail is topped with sugar syrup and soda for a sweet finish. Finished with lime and basil, there are some incredible flavours in this simple drink.

Chambord Spritz

The delicious berry taste of Chambord makes this a spritzer worth investigating! White wine and soda make up the traditional base, but Chambord is surely the star of the show, making this a cocktail you’ll want to create every time the sun comes out!

Bellini Peach Spritz

Freshen up your Bellini by adding a little peach schnapps and soda to your Prosecco and peach juice. These extra ingredients really lift the flavour profile of this drink, enhancing those peach tones for the perfect summer drink.

There are many variations on the traditional spritzer style of cocktail. As long as you have some fizz, in the form of soda or sparkling wine, or both, you can make a drink that fits the right form. And a spritzer always tastes best when enjoyed in the heat of the midday sun!

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