Six of the best classic cocktails to try this summer

  • 21st July 2022

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Particularly in the summer months, drinking cocktails is a thing. Not only are they refreshing and tasty, but there is a comprehensive selection of cocktails people can choose from when frequenting the average cocktail bar. For many, cocktails are a go-to tipple because of this exact reason.

While not everyone is sipping cocktails on the beach or in a sophisticated bar, there are millions of people who quench their thirst with a flavourful cocktail. Some might opt for an orange and lemon concoction, while others prefer a watermelon-based beverage, similar to the fruit featured in the Extra Juicy game. Nearly every fruit and selection of alcohol is catered for in this particular category of alcoholic beverages, although there are certainly some more common options compared to the rest. With that in mind, let’s take a look at six of the most popular cocktails from around the world right now.


Made with whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters, the Manhattan is a perfect after-dinner drink that is enjoyed by millions of people. Perhaps the most popular cocktail on the list, it’s steeped in history, with the mother of Winston Churchill said to have created it in 1870. Since then, it has risen to popularity and remains a favored choice for many cocktail drinkers everywhere.


Usually associated with tropical holidays, a daiquiri has risen to prominence away from the pristine beaches of Mexico. In fact, the Daiquiri is one of the most popular rum-based cocktails on this glorious planet of ours. A Cuban specialty, it is perhaps best enjoyed in the country of its origin, although the simplicity of this creation makes it enjoyable anywhere. All you need is rum, citrus juice, and sugar, topped off with a lime slice garnish, and you’re in for a treat.


A drink that can divide opinion, the Mimosa is still successful enough to make it one of the most in-favor cocktail options right now. While it was originally served up at weddings, brunches and the like, Mimosa’s are now adored at family occasions and birthdays while also being on offer at a selection of other festivities. It’s easy to make, while also delivering on taste.


Many people associate a Cosmopolitan with 90s hit TV show Sex and the City, although it has been ordered in high-end establishments long before Sarah Jessica Parker and her crew turned up. A delicious blend of vodka, Cointreau and cranberry juice, and traditionally served in a martini glass, this particular drink does have a high-end feel to it and is drunk by famous faces from the entertainment sphere. While drinking a Cosmopolitan doesn’t appeal to everyone, it’s a delight for others, especially those who enjoy vodka-based drinks.


The simplicity of a Gimlet is perhaps what makes it so attractive to the average cocktail lover. Made up of gin and lime to provide an ultra refreshing taste, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a summer meal. While it’s history is still debated today, there is no doubting just how memorable a Gimlet cocktail is. If you’re feeling hot and flustered, then you can certainly do a hell of a lot worse.


An in-demand cocktail pretty much wherever you go on the planet, it’s common to see bars dishing out hundreds of Margarita’s on an average night. The most ordered cocktail in the world, it does come in a number of different ways, although it should always contain tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice. Offering a refreshing taste of freshness and providing a much-needed boost to people who drink it, enjoying a margarita in the summer months is a great option.

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