Blog Archive: Tech updates

We're always evolving, adapting and tweaking our website and wanted to keep a record of some of our changes. Not only for transparency in our work load, but to highlight the improvements we are constantly making and to give you readers an open ended view of what we've done to try and make this website the best it can be. Also it's nice to give our developer/s (i.e. me) a little pat on the back with some lovely publicly viewable 'I've done this' list .... good work me!

26th May 2022
  • Just rewrote the MyBar code for our app, taking the time to work out an individuals MyBar from around 4-10 seconds (!!!) to around 1/2 second. Whoop whoop!
  • Reconfigured the Facebook login process and meta app. This may result in some users having to re-start their profile with facebook logins. Contact us if this is the case.
23rd May 2022
  • Its done. We’ve finally finished and imported. We’ve gone through EVERY SINGLE one of the recipes on our website, and updated all their descriptions, recipes, ingredients and more. This has been a massive undertaking to get everything correct on the site, but it’s all finally done for you all!
14th April 2022
  • Just a short one today – fixed a heap of spelling errors in our ingredient list. Its the first step in a site cleanup we’re doing
3rd December 2021
  • We no longer work out MyBar in such a short period of time, meaning quicker access to cocktails for frequent users
18th May 2021
  • We’ve cleaned up the home page slider to free up some screen
  • Sorted out the slider core item (was using a Christmas list all the time)
  • Fixed a icon dispay size when using JWT token re-signon
22nd March 2021
  • We’ve removed all public profiles while we work on tying down how this could work while keeping everyones privacy
  • Reworked some sitemap bits and a few missing images
2nd February 2021
  • We’ve rolled out 7 app updates since our launch, including ingredient measurement switching, ignoring home ingredients, lots of tweaks and bug squishes and more. The app is slowly becoming more and more streamlined. We had a few teething bugs but are hopefully at a much smoother point now.
  • Fixed an error on activity showing multiple activities by the same user
  • Small header UI fix for JWT token login switching
  • Switched over any Christmas orientated messages to more relevant ones
  • Started work offline on a new admin interface for members – will be a few months but we’re excited about this
9th December 2020
  • We’ve been super busy here and 90% of our time has been spent writing all the API code for the new shiny iOS app. It’s launched and working nicely (we hope).
  • New header and footer links and icons for the app / app store
  • Fixed some list image issues for premium lists
  • New app page (here)
  • Put the ground work in for users favouriting their lists
  • For all ~3500 recipes, we’ve grammar checked every method and background. Added garnish information and tasting notes. These will slowly be rolled out across the site
  • Fixed an unsubscribe issue from admin area
  • Fixed some admin area bugs surrounding deleting members and removing information
  • Database reader / writer issues fixed in various places
  • Updated the support page with new costs and wording to reflect current nature of the business
  • Some email template tweaks for new app and book
  • Various smal display tweaks
27th October 2020
  • Launched our new book so updated all links and images on the site and transactional emails to reflect this
  • Support page unsubscribe from supporting us text
  • Host of error checks on object creations in php
  • Changed our security plugin for some blog bits to update to newer versions. We were running into intermittent issues
2nd July 2020
  • We’ve just tweaked some performance bits, moving ad loading to the bottom instead of the head (oops sorry about that)
  • We’ve also added some webp to some common elements
  • Added some width / height to help with CLS (content layout shift) for users
29th May 2020
  • Added a separate reader to our DB cluster, so we can scale horizontally on the database better. Changed a heap of our SQL calls over to the reader as needed. Will help with speed, reliability, and ability to scale as needed. Win win win!
28th May 2020
  • Dark mode / light mode toggle is now instant and not a page reload (mostly allowed due to the icon work previously)
  • Some cross-browser display bugs squished (mostly safari and width display: inline-block issues)
  • Added a few more verbs to highlight in method
  • Added google guided recipe schema for multiple step methods. This is the start of a larger project for us
  • Fixed some php internal warnings that were being logged (log files were getting silly)
  • Added some preloads and preconnects to speed up delivery of google fonts as well as the ad network
  • Set heigh restrictions for ads, allowing us to set the height in css to remove page jank
  • Started work on a recipe cleanup
19th May 2020
  • We’ve spent the last few days completely changing over our icon set, not just the actual look / feel, but the way the underlying tech loads them in.
  • All icons are in svg now for crystal clear over all dpi’s / resolutions etc
  • Changed over some core colour choices, especially relevant over results checkboxes and filters
  • A whole host of small UX / alignment / placement tweaks
  • Some bugs squashed, such as filtering in lists
  • Ordering of lists on cocktail page is more relevant / less skewed to name of the list
  • Quite a bit of code cleanup and removal – less bytes down to you, and more efficient js execution
17th May 2020
  • Added CTA on dark mode toggles if on lightmode and not switched
  • Added and finalised new book page – our new book is live!
  • Added a few analytic calls to help understand how our site is being used, and thus being able to adapt as needed
  • Some robots.txt tweaks
  • Started work on new icon set implementation (we’ve had new icons for ages, but taken a while to start the implementation site wide)
  • Changed sizing and look on tech update blog archive page
11th May 2020
  • Been working offline on a new book so prepared the site for that.
  • Changed the core book page and created a new secondary level book page
  • Resolved an infrastructure issue allowing shared sessions instead of per server level
  • Resolved a cloudfare cache issue meaning all statis assets are now loading super quick for you
  • Few textual amendments
1st May 2020
  • Redesigned and launched new registration emails
  • MyBar styling on mobile altered to be more obvious when adding an ingredient
  • Changed the Top 50 eBook over to be more accurate and unified
  • Media page added
  • Scroll to top doesn’t activate when closing search
  • My Lists page changed to be properly aligned on mobile
  • Few advert tweaks to stop jank and space for people with adblockers
20th April 2020
  • Well where to begin ….. we’ve moved out whole infrastructure over to AWS due to massive demands
  • We’ve had to remove a few filters on recipe results due to their overheads, we’re looking at re-introducing them shortly
  • A heap of textual tweaks and link placements
  • We’ve had to add adverts onto the site to help with paying for the maintenance costs
  • Support page highlighting
  • Moved over major emailing to Amazon SES as the numbers were costing us too much on Mandrill
  • Tweaked the top 50 book
  • Changed the UX for the  popup of the modal window for new users. Loads nicer now
  • We’ve had to remove Add a Recipe for now while we resolve image uploading
  • Altered some cache settings
  • Moved from Stackpath to Cloudfare
  • Lightbox on MyBar appears over the top of fullscreen views
  • Changed ‘no cocktail’ images to blue instead of that old brown
  • Completely streamlined the MyBar cocktail generation scripts. 1000% faster and less SQL intensive
  • Changed the way MyBar knows if you need to update the cocktails you can make to remove unecessary sql queries
  • And a whole heap of other incremental optimisations, tweaks and changes that we’ve missed out on this list.
  • Thanks for sticking with us during this massive transition period.
16th March 2020
  • After such massive changed pre and post Christmas, it’s been a month of small incremental changes. We’ve altered the home page to remove some social bits (and loading them – no more tracking from there).
  • Tweaked MyBar on lightmode on fullscreen, to be ore obvious to close to non-fullscreen.
  • Some visual changes for darkmode
  • Added a few CTA’s in the advertising pages, and also amended the copy there slightly
  • Worked on a email creation tool to speed up the process for our bi-weekly ingredient deep dive
  • Rewrote the way that some pages and elements are cached, to speed up performance and deliver pages quicker
  • Removed old hrecipe elements, as we’re now using ld+json and hrecipe was interfeering
  • A host of textual changes
13th February 2020
  • Since December we’ve made literally hundreds and hundreds of small tweaks in performance, usability, standardisation in the UX, accessibility, page layout changes and more. Too many to list here from htaccess updates, image transformations, file size reductions, background colour alterations, border tweaks, page redesigns and more
  • Added a whole new book section which we’ll add to once we add more books.
  • Completely re-done the advertising section with the ability to purchase email adverts
  • Blog section has had quite a bit of rework done on layout and sizing of elements
  • Really a whole host of small updates to make the site faster, slicker and more fun to use
3rd December 2019
  • Too much to say in one tech update, but basically a complete site design overhaul – and along with that hundreds of bug fixes and so many new bits of functionality, and a much faster slicker site. This was a culmination of around 1/2 years work and one we’re really proud of.
12th August 2019
  • Currently working on a completely new site and thus tech updates to current site are slower than usual
10th April 2019
  • Completely updated scripts to all new versions on site including:
    • jQuery
    • Isotope
    • Lazyload
    • Lodash
    • GMaps
  • Added and quicklink to site
  • Reworked js loading mechanism to not load files on certain pages
  • Created new sponsorship page and configured all payment systems
  • Rewrote code to be PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3 compliant, and allow faster local development time
  • Updated server to PHP 7.3
  • Fixed some old js bugs such as list layout on slower devices and other small snags
  • Removed some old code that was no longer needed / used
9th April 2019
  • Work started in earnest on new version of the site. Loads of updates done on the new version whilst we keep track of bugs on this version.
14th February 2019
  • Some cocktail images were returning malformed images in their LDJson – fixed
  • Some footer JS tweaks for some edge cases on browsers
7th February 2019
  • Made remember me on login to user localstorage instead of cookies.
  • Changed logout procedure and security
5th February 2019
  • MS Application navbar colour changed
  • Blog image thumbnails working for certain posts
  • PHP first pass for PHP 7.3 done
2nd January 2019
  • Changed service worker for a few font bugs
  • Changed PixelID’s
  • Some listmania checks and wording
21st December 2018
  • Completely removed all gplus scripts and functionality from the site
  • Cleaned up some ldjson issues
21st November 2018
  • For lists with images, changed the layout around to use the image better
12th November 2018
  • Noticed the typography was not working across the board. Fixed
  • Some base auto posting tweaks for facebook and twitter