Parisian Cocktails with a British Twist

This blog post was inspired by The Times and The Sunday Times Travel Insider

The London Cocktail Club is proud to present a series of six new videos inspired by an article written for The Times and The Sunday Times Insider City Guides. An exploration of the six coolest bars in Paris, the article paved the way for cocktail extraordinaire JJ Goodman to create a new menu of beverages based on the popular French drinking venues.

Some of the bars included in the list are; The Baton Rouge, based on Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, which has a Louisiana lounge-feel to it; Le Dauphin, situated on Avenue Parmentier, which is so exclusive that it has a waiting list for food reservations, and a queue system for cocktails; and the Mabel, located on the Rue d’Aboukir, which serves grilled cheese sandwiches at the front, and rum-based cocktails at the back.

Goodman soon got to work creating cocktails that represented the spirit of each of the bars. The founder of the London Cocktail Club, and the winner of many prestigious bartending awards, he mixed, stirred and shook a number of spirits to come up with the delicious cocktail treats, and now you can learn how to make them too!

The Baton Rouge cocktail

Vermouth lovers will enjoy The Baton Roughe. With equal measures of Gold Rum, Xanté Liqueur and, of course, Sweet Vermouth, and a double measure of Cognac, the spirits are carefully stirred together with ice, Angostura bitters and Peychaud’s bitters to create a smooth, potent cocktail that is actually served in its namesake restaurant. Watch JJ Goodman create this drink here:

French 75

Inspired by the drinks served at Le Dauphin, the French 75 is a simple recipe that packs a lot of punch. A tasty mix of Gin, lemon juice and simple syrup shaken with ice and then topped with Champagne, the drink is certain to evoke the charm and elegance associated with the French capital. This quick video can be found here:

Mon Fizz

Meanwhile, those that are looking for a more unusual and impressive drink will enjoy the Mon Fizz. Complete with an egg yolk chaser, this cocktail combines Gin, Vermouth, pistachio syrup and egg whites, shaken once without ice, and again with ice to create a delicious drink that looks as unique as it tastes. Watch JJ Goodman work his magic here:

Although each video is no more than a few minutes long, Goodman is able to break down each step to make cocktail creation look simple. He also throws in a few fancy tricks with the glasses and bottles, but we don’t recommend you try these at home!

There are actually six cocktail recipes in total, with the final two being uploaded in the next few days, so be sure to keep an eye on the London Cocktail Club’s YouTube channel to see them all, and remember to check The Times Article to get more of an insight.

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