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The days were dark, the weather was cold, we were slowly drinking our way through some of the new hot cocktails on our site, when we realised that we weren’t the only ones who loved to drink and try new cocktails. Our managing director stood tall and announed:

“Its time for our own cocktail community”

…… or something like that ….

Which is a very grandose and delightful way of announcing our new Google Plus Community. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, we started out own community over on Google Plus and are going strong with over 30 members already. Talking topics so far range from ‘how to remember cocktail recipes‘ to ‘what to make for someones special 60th birthday who likes Southern Comfort‘!

We’ve started the community with a few different ‘categories’: Hello there, why not say hello; Great recipes; Cocktail history and books; and a General Discussion area. Why not pop across, introduce yourself, ask a question or give some advice, and join in the discussion. Anything goes, is moderated with the lightest touch, and it would be great to get a larger, more diverse community.

Our Make me a Cocktail Google Plus Community (opens in new window)

Our site also hasn’t stopped progressing though, and w’re excited to tell you about some new features we’ve recently launched:

  • If you’re logged in you can now turn on a ‘Personalisation’ option on the search results (underneath the filters). At the moment this hides cocktails that you’ve voted negatively for, but we’ll be adding to this feature over the coming months to try and give you the results you’re really after, without the stuff you don’t want!
  • We’ve reworked the top search box to search over all aspects of our site (ingredients, cocktails, blog posts and lists)
  • Logged in users aren’t shown most of the adverts – another great reason to sign up!
  • We’ve tweaked our displays a little for wider screens
  • We’ve altered the way fractions are shown on recipes
  • What lists a cocktail is featured in is now shown on the cocktails page
  • As well as adding lots of great new cocktails … (Blanco Diablo, Peach ginger Smash, Smokey Rose …)
We’ve got some more show stopping new additions to the site coming up over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled, pop back now and again, and enjoy that cocktail or two (or three, or four …)!

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