METAXA releases the Sun on the longest night of the year!

  • 10th January 2013

METAXA, the delicious Greek distilled spirit known as possibly the ‘Smoothest amber spirit under the Sun’ can chase the cold and winter feeling away with some of its great cocktail concoctions, as well as providing some ‘hot spots’ of bar activity across the Northern Hemisphere.

From December 15th METAXA have had these hot spots to showcase their unique brand:

  • From December 15th until snow lasts, drop by the Zur Berghex in the Austrian Alps
  • Stunning view of the Acropolis as seen from the Orizontes restaurant on Mount Lycabettus
  • Discover revisited versions of ‘Sun infused’ Sun Tonic in Moscow@317 City café, Berlin@Lebensstern, Sopot@Klub Versalka, Athens@Spiti Cocktail Bar, Prague@Bastion
  • Another selection of extremely selective venues invites you to celebrate the Winter Solstice with METAXA. Among them, the prestigious Loft lounge in Bucharest, the GB bar at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens and Chez Odette in Brussels.

The METAXA cocktails are not just for those visiting the bars though, why not try some of these sun-kissed drinks at home:

  • METAXA Hot Sun warmer: METAXA, cinnamon and apple. First, lightly heat natural apple juice and pour it in your favourite mug. Fill about 2/3 high. Add 4cl of METAXA 5 Stars and garnish with a cinnamon stick and a slice of apple. Looks and tastes fabulous!
  • For shot lovers, the Brown Sugar subtly combines the smoothness of METAXA with delicious espresso coffee, brown sugar and the freshness of orange. Slice a nice, juicy orange and cover the slices with brown sugar and espresso coffee. Pour METAXA 7 Stars into a shot glass. Bite into the orange slice, take the shot of METAXA and embrace the explosion of flavours.

With 1000 METAXA drinks enjoyed every minute worldwide, and with METATAXA ranking in the top 50 global spirits and number 1 in global duty free, why not try some of this Greek spirit and get your taste buds tingling with excitement.

Ther website can be found here:

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