Las Vegas Bartenders

Bartenders in Las Vegas are considered to be among the best in the world. They undergo vigorous training and have to acquire licenses before they can compete for jobs. Bartending is a career goal, rather than a part-time job, and only the very best are employed.

Las Vegas casinos are filled with waitresses and “bevertainers”, who are usually female and dressed in as few clothes as possible. Their purpose is to be sexy and beautiful, and bring in the customers. However, it is the bartenders who possess the skills and knowledge to rival that of any other bartender around the world. Before they can serve drinks behind the bar, they are put through their paces at bartending School. Las Vegas has many of these including ABC Bartending Schools, ACE Bartending Academy and the Techniques of Alcohol Management School. These offer the skills and techniques required behind the bar, including drink recipes, how to set up and close a bar, customer service skills and the history behind spirits. Students leave confident in their training having completed anything from 20-60 hours’ worth of lessons.

Potential bartenders must then acquire their work cards. A sheriff’s card is required for all employees in the casino industry so that the State of Nevada may license and investigate employees as needed. A TAM card is also required by most workplaces as it proves that the employee has the knowledge required to work behind the bar.
Once all the paperwork is done, getting a job is difficult, particularly for men. The competition is high, and most bartenders start out as bar backs. Their jobs are to set up and close the bar. They ensure the stock of drinks is kept full, and occasionally are used to serve certain drinks. This job is considered excellent experience and usually leads on to full time bartending.

Although the pay is not more than one would expect for a bartender, the tips can be immense. Rich people are constantly throwing money around in Vegas, and the bartenders get their fair share. When someone has a large win, they will often head to the bar to celebrate. Bartenders are considered an excellent source of information about which machines have been most played without a win, and are often treated as the customer’s friend. The training the bartenders go through in order to get their jobs may seem excessive, but the tips more than make up for money spent. Most Las Vegas bartenders find themselves very well off.

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