How To Spend Spare Time Without Drinking: Unique Cocktail Ideas

  • 7th March 2023

This post is written in collaboration with Nick Coulson

Are you tired of routine and want to have some fun, and no ideas except for visiting a bar come to mind? There are plenty of options on how to relax and enjoy your time without drinking alcohol, even if you are the most passionate cocktails fan. Grab some tips on how to diversify your leisure and enjoy some tasty little things: we are confident that at least one of them will suit your preferences.

Catch Some Cocktail-Based Casino Games

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Those who love visiting bars and testing different drinks will definitely be impressed with products like FruitCocktail7, Lucky Drink, and Hawaii Cocktails. Of course, the collection is not limited to these games, so check the catalogue of the chosen platform and pick the best gaming solutions with multiple additional features.

Besides multiple colourful slot machines, online casinos offer some impressive bonuses to make the gambling process even more exciting. Claim the desired promotion and have fun with additional benefits. This pastime is just as intoxicating as your favourite Pina Colada or Margarita, so are you ready to try your luck?

Experienced players don’t recommend drinking alcohol when spending time on gaming platforms since it makes users more prone to risks, which could lead to the loss of self-control. However, you can always enjoy an unusual coffee cocktail, made of espresso and fresh orange juice, or an alcohol-free Mojito.

Enjoy a Video Game Party with Your Friends

Many are accustomed to gathering in bars and restaurants for dinner, but it’s time to change something! Invite your friends over and have a video game night. It’s easy enough: make sure you have a game console and decide in advance what kind of content you all like. Agree that it will be a party without alcohol, as you all need to stay focused to win!

Catch a selection of the best non-alcoholic cocktails that will definitely please everyone:

  • Negroni Mocktail: ice, grape juice, grapefruit syrup, orange, cardamom
  • Shirley Temple: ginger ale, grenadine, ice, freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • N/A Sex on the Beach: peach juice, fresh orange juice, lime juice, honey, ice
  • Cocoa Colada: coconut milk, pineapple juice, ice
  • Eggnog: eggs, sugar syrup, vanilla extract, cinnamon, cardamom, milk

These drinks will perfectly cope with thirst and bring multiple flavours and aromas. Non-alcoholic cocktails can be delicious, so choose the most exciting option and test it right now!


Have a Perfect SPA Day

Many cannot imagine great relaxation without a massage and other popular body treatments from professional massage therapists and beauticians. And if you have ever been to a SPA centre, you know that healthy tonic drinks are the indispensable attributes of such leisure. And yes, smoothies and other vitamin shakes can be delicious, so check out some interesting mixes:

  • Spinach + banana + lemon
  • Cucumber + lettuce + lemon + honey
  • Ginger + carrot + banana + apple + orange + mint
  • Pineapple + kiwi + lemon + cucumber

Of course, you can also create your signature cocktails, mixing your favourite fruits, berries, and vegetables. Such a drink will not only give you a charge of vitamins but also cheer you up immediately!

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