Five Drinks To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

  • 17th November 2022

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In the run-up to Christmas, while some people may not need any help at all finding their Christmas spirit, others will. And one of the great ways to really develop those fun, festive feelings is the drinks we all fancy the most around this time of year. As a result, there are a whole host of drinks to choose from, and some are more popular than others. So, if you want to get into the Christmas spirit, here are five drinks worth making up.

Christmas Jones Cocktail

We begin our list of drinks to get you into the Christmas spirit with a tipple that was actually created to coincide with the release of the James Bond movie Casino Royale. James Bond is no stranger to drinks or casinos, and this fits perfectly with the Christmas Jones Cocktail because it’s a drink that adds strawberry, pineapple and vodka fun to the festivities. The drink hails from a venue in New York which has since closed, but it lives on through the cocktail, no doubt.

English Christmas Punch

What’s expected at Christmas is for warm drinks to come into play, and English Christmas Punch is a prime example. In short, English Christmas punch sees rum, red wine and tea combine, and because the drink is warm, all the flavours infuse terrifically. Experimenting with different types of rum, red wine and tea can also be fun and lead to even more interesting tipples.

Spiked Christmas Coffee

One thing that most people will say they need more of over the festive period is energy. So, how does a Spiked Christmas Coffee sound? Of course, as well as it being loaded with that all-important caffeine. But there’s also plenty of mint, chocolate, cream, and sprinkles too. Made without alcohol, it’s also a drink perfect for all the family. But do you really want kids even more energy-charged over Christmas?

Merry Christmas Cocktail

We’re back with another cocktail, and this time it’s named the Merry Christmas Cocktail. As the song goes, “have yourself a merry little Christmas,” and this is precisely what this tipple is hoping to inspire. This cocktail, in particular, is punch-like in its appearance, and it includes a variety of ingredients such as cranberry juice, gin, sparkling soda and lemon juice. After a few of these, you’ll certainly be having a merry Christmas that’s for sure.

Dark and Fluffy

There has to be a drink in there for chocolate lovers, right? How can there not be? So, the Dark and Fluffy is here to save the day and provide chocaholics with a much-needed fix. You’re going to need some marshmallow vodka to make this one, with plenty of chocolate liquor and cocoa powder to add the all-important key ingredient. Dark and Fluffy is a cocktail in one sense and a dessert in another, but it is undoubtedly a drink exclusive for adults.

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