Fabulous Casino-Inspired Cocktails You Should Try

  • 26th October 2021

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Online casinos like SBOBET offer plenty of fun, but there’s nothing like an in-person casino-themed party to get people excited about life. If you’re planning a casino-inspired event, finding creative ways to add to the ambience can be a gamechanger. While glitzy décor and card games create an immersive experience, cocktails bring the elegance you need to make it believable.

Cocktails are synonymous with classy casino events, so why not choose a few casino-inspired cocktail options and take your event to the next level? Our experts recommend these three amazing casino-inspired cocktail recipes with a twist that will keep your guests talking about the party long after the music fades.

#1 Poker Face: A Card-Inspired Cocktail

If you’re searching for a cocktail that takes its inspiration from one of the world’s most adored casino games, it would be hard to go wrong with a Poker Face cocktail. This unique mix is sure to attract attention from any of your poker-loving guests, and it is as delicious as it looks.

Use three shots of pineapple juice and two tequila shots, depending on how strong you want to make it. Why not throw out a challenge of your own and see if your guests can keep a poker face while enjoying this punchy cocktail (it’s a strong one!).

#2 Vesper Martini Casino Royale-Inspired Cocktail

It would be challenging to find a cocktail that represents high-class casino events better than an elegant Vesper Martini. James Bond’s Casino Royale foray placed an extra emphasis on this classy drink. Anyone that’s seen the film is sure to link this cocktail with spies, love, and plenty of casino fun.

Create the perfect Vesper Martini by mixing one part of vodka with three parts of gin. Add half a shot of vermouth, the game-changing ingredient, and enjoy. This is a potent drink that’s sure to liven the mood at your party, and it looks far more authentic with a Bond-inspired tuxedo to match. If you want to keep it strictly James Bond, it’s shaken, not stirred.

#3 Last Chance: A Drink to Finish Any Casino Party

While cocktails like Poker Face and Vesper Martini offer plenty of options for your casino-themed party, there is one more option listed for good measure. As its name suggests, the Last Chance mix is an excellent member of the cocktail trinity and the best treat to serve towards the party’s conclusion.

It is a simple drink that traditionally involves four parts orange juice and two parts vodka. Fortunately, this cocktail tastes fantastic with almost any ratio, so feel free to tweak it according to your preferences. If you are looking for an effortless last chance to impress your guests, this is the ace up your sleeve for the end of a great night.

Now that you have some casino-inspired cocktails to incorporate into your next event, it’s time to start preparing. One missed ingredient can ruin the flavour of your favourite cocktail, so be sure to plan the ingredients carefully beforehand. Why not get a few special glasses and accessories that can contribute to the theme?

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