Egg-cellent Cocktail Trends

Trends in the bartending industry tend to move just as quickly as those in the fashion world. And while we see weird and wacky ideas pop up from time to time, the classics, such as Mojitos and Cosmopolitans, have a longevity that has ensured their popularity for many years.

But the latest trend sits half way between quirky and classic. Adding eggs to cocktails is not a new idea, but it is certainly in vogue at the moment. Usually just the egg white is used, and the ingredients are dry shaken to create a creamy, smooth consistency. We know that you are as egg-cited as us, so here are a few recipes for you to try.


This sweet drink combines white rum, triple sec, lime juice, sugar and one egg white, garnished with a spring of mint. After dry shaking, the mixture is then shaken again with ice, and strained into a glass that has been prepared with more ice cubes. What more could you want on a lovely sunny day?

North Pole Cocktail

This chilly recipe is topped with cream for a truly decadent drink. Made with gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice and egg white, the cream makes the perfect garnish to this fruity egg-stravaganza. As with many of the egg recipes, this one is shaken twice – once without ice, and once with, and then strained into a cocktail glass.

Whiskey Sour

This sophisticated drink is usually made with the egg white, but we think it tastes much better with it. Made with bourbon, lemon juice, sugar syrup and an egg white, the ingredients are shaken together and then strained into a glass filled with ice and garnished with a cherry and an orange slice.

Red Clover

This pretty pigmented cocktail uses fresh raspberries to create its rich red colour. A delicious combination of vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white and raspberries, it is a lovely summer cocktail that will impress your friends and family. Simply muddle the raspberries, then shake and strain all the ingredients into a cocktail glass.


Of course, we can’t talk about egg-based cocktails without including a classic. Eggnog is a Christmas tradition that will never die, but might get you quite drunk rather quickly! Slightly more complicated than the other cocktails in this list, it is made of rum, milk, egg yolk, cream, nutmeg, sugar, vanilla essence and bourbon. You may as well make this alongside the other drinks, as it will give you an excuse to use up all those egg yolks!

Any of these drinks can be made without the egg (except the eggnog – obviously!), just strain once over ice instead of the two times required with the egg! We hope you have a clucking good time making these egg-cellent cocktails – don’t forget to crack a few yolks!

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