Cocktails with more alcohol than you can handle

We’ve all been that person at some point – we’ve taken a sip of a cocktail and recoiled in horror at the sheer alcohol content of the drink. Some people have a higher tolerance than others, but these beverages will test even the most hard-core drinkers. WARNING! If you are thinking of trying these, do so with caution!

Aunt Roberta

Universally recognized as the strongest cocktail you’ll ever come across, this is not for the faint of heart! It is 100% alcohol – with only a bit of ice to break up the spirits. Made of brandy, vodka, absinthe, gin, and blackberry liqueur, it is easy to make. Simply shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. It’s much harder to drink though, and we recommend taking it very slowly!


If you want to turn into a dribbling, mumbling, half-dead creature with no brains, then the Zombie cocktail might be for you! This is a potent drink that includes just a splash of fruit juice to make it palatable, but should really be treated with respect since you’ll have quite the hangover the morning after one of these! It’s made with 151 rum, white rum, gold rum, dark rum, apple brandy, orange, pineapple and lime juice.

Jungle Juice

The name of this drink makes it sound quite innocent – like something you’d mix with water and give to your children. But don’t be fooled. Jungle juice is not for kids! In fact, we wouldn’t recommend it for most adults! It is actually a punch – a bowl is filled with fresh fruits of your choice, which are then soaked overnight in 100% grain alcohol. If you are doing it properly, your recipe finishes there. However, some people like to add lemonade, soda, or fruit juice to make it more palatable.


This classic cocktail has been responsible for many a hangover in its time! At first glass, it seems innocent enough – cognac and bitters, with a cube of sugar. Sweet and satisfying! But this reasonable drink is then poured into a glass coated with absinthe, and that is where your drunken problems will start! Sip slow because this drink will take your head off!

Death in the Afternoon

We all know Hemingway was a drinker, and he could certainly pack away some booze! He created this cocktail, which is as spiky as the name suggests! Sugar syrup and absinthe are combined in the base of a champagne flute, which is then topped up with bubbles. The combination of fizz and lethal absinthe will make for a very short drinking session!

If you are only popping out for one drink, then one of these cocktails would be a great option – you certainly won’t want any more afterwards!

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