Cocktails to Use up Your Easter Chocolate

Got easter eggs coming out of your ears? Take some of those chocolatey delights and turn them into cocktails! Here are seven recipes you can make using your leftover chocolate.

The Little Black Dress Toddy

This recipe calls for 90ml chocolate melted down into a lovely, warm, comforting drink. Mixed with coconut rum, milk, sugar, cocoa powder, Licor 43, and cardamon pods, this cocktail is quite a treat, perfect in place of dessert or whenever you need a sugar hit.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

This is one the kids will love, but only if you are willing to share. It uses up 40g of your chocolate and mixes it with mint leaves, milk, sugar, and double cream for an irresistible variation of everyone’s favourite hot drink.

The Magician

When you’re finished pulling the Easter bunny out of a hat, this is the perfect cocktail to serve! A glorious combination of Bailey’s, coconut rum, coconut cream, and double cream, you might want a drink this beverage with a spoon! Top the smooth, decadent liquid with chocolate shavings and enjoy!

Sea Salt Swirl

Got a few dark chocolate eggs that need eating? This is the cocktail for you! Made up of vodka, chocolate liqueur, and caramel syrup, it is a sickly sweet drink that is perfectly topped with grated dark chocolate. If you are looking for a sugar rush, this is it!


If you like your chocolate with a side of coffee, you’ll adore this cocktail that combines the two! A shot of espresso is blended with Bailey’s, vanilla vodka, and gum syrup, as well as shavings of chocolate and a couple of ice cubes to make actual magic in a glass.

Chilly Chocolate

If ever there was a cocktail that needed a Flake on top, this is it. A Flake isn’t included in the original recipe, but feel free to add one in! This drink is actually made up of Baileys, Tia Maria, Jamesons, and chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream and grated chocolate. Heaven (and a sure way to get a hangover!)

White Chocolate Easter-tini

This cocktail recipe won’t help you use up any of your Easter eggs, but we couldn’t include an Easter blog and leave it out! The White Chocolate Easter-tini is made of vanilla, vodka, chocolate liqueur, eggnog, and cream, garnished with sweets. But you could easily garnish it with mini eggs, so this drink counts!

Easter is one of the few times of year you can eat chocolate for breakfast and nobody minds. Carry that mindset into the evening with these delicious drinks.

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