Chat up lines are old news… THIS will get you a number or two.

Men and women around the globe have puzzled and pondered over the billions of ways to successfully attract a partner. Even those with the confidence and charm of a small bag of potatoes have come up with ever more inventive ways of seduction… largely Facebook and Photoshop, but even those oozing with charisma can still find it a tad daunting and somewhat exhausting to build relations which the apple of their eye.

Caveman tactics of simply turning up with the biggest selection of wooden sticks and the most broken knuckles obviously isn’t a cracking start, however there is method to the Neanderthal madness as obviously having the right attributes of a suitor is a step in the right direction. Most men would read this and immediately squander their pennies on items of the ‘flashy git’ variety. Cars, fashionable outfits, and enough cologne to drown a sizable herd of wildebeest. There is, however, a much easier way to demonstrate everything a suitor could possibly want… and here is how:

The art of throwing together a decent cocktail is actually multilateral in is ability to suggest your prowess above others of the species. It requires intuition, sensual awareness, organization, hygiene, sensitivity to the desires of others and above all else, the ability to show off.

If one were to simple throw a vodka and coke at a lady, she may find your lack of adventurism, appreciation of her complexity and all together mundane attitude rather quite off-putting. So here, my friends, is a decent ice breaker for any such situation of impending romance:

Fill your Boston shaker lovingly with ice and a 1.5 shot of Bacardi (Or any other rum that floats your boat)
4 Lime wedges
Pick, slap and apply 8 mint leaves
1 spoonful of brown sugar (sweetness can be added to at the end with more sugar or a cheeky dash of Gomme so never fear if your sweet tooth starts snarling)
Now the crucial bit… add 1 shot of Mahiki Coconut Rum. (I choose Mahiki because it has a much more natural and refreshing sweetness than Malibu, but remains at 22% so it wont send your date into a coma)
*Shakey Shake* (don’t spill it on yourself and/or hit yourself in the face as a result of over enthusiasm, as it may result in the seducee being rather less than impressed!)

Pour into the most elegant of tall glasses as your disposal, garnish with mint, step back and watch your work do the talking!

As the sensual pleasures of such a delicious cocktail erupt through her taste buds, the lady will likely assume that your abilities to please a woman have other avenues she may yet explore and of course, deem you are her hero. Bingo…

In my experience, this has a better success rate than Match.Com!!

Plying your date with excessive alcohol can be considered unethical and immoral so if it isn’t working after drink 2 continue with plan B… if you have a plan B that is.

*Please note* Results may vary, additional personality and ownership of a decent haircut may be required

Happy hunting!


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