Best sports themed cocktails

  • 17th August 2022

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Alcohol and sports is a match made in heaven with a number of concession stands at games now selling various alcoholic beverages including beer, wine and spirits as well as a number of bars now present their own fair share of iconic cocktails that perfectly hit the spot whenever a fanatic is gearing up to watch their favourite team in action on gameday.

US bars are known for their extensive listing of popular cocktails such as Old Fashioned, Margarita, Martini or Mimosa among others as well as some personal bar creations that can often be enjoyed during most sporting events.

Sports bars have become a popular amenity throughout the country as more fans who are unable to attend a game, for whatever reason, are journeying down to their local bar to catch a glimpse of the action on display as well as to socialize with friends and consume some of the most delicious alcoholic beverages on the drinks menu.

To get fans in the mood for an upcoming game, bars are now introducing more sport themed cocktails as a part of their menus and some of these fascinating creations certainly hit the spot and have become huge fan favourites for any eager sporting fanatic.

These are some of the best sport themed cocktails that you should certainly try if you ever find yourself out at a sports bar on gameday.

  • Tailgate Tea:

Tailgate parties ahead of football games are often considered to be just as enjoyable as the match itself as fans gather outside of the sporting venue to setup food and beverage stands as well as to socialize with other fans of their team, although some teams do often go above and beyond with the partying (we’re looking at you Buffalo Bills!).

This beverage is the perfect blend of a beloved beer in Corona Extra and iced tea as well as one and a half parts SVEDKA Strawberry lemonade, half a part of simple syrup and half a part of fresh lemon juice for a delightful combination that is perfect for a hot afternoon of football or for those looking to try something a little more exotic compared to the usual pints of beer.

This should only be poured into a pilsner glass over fresh ice and briefly stirred with all ingredients being poured together before being served with a slice of lemon and strawberry for garnish.

  • Grand Slam:

There is no question that baseball and beer is the perfect combination for any game at a ballpark, but there is still absolutely no reason why fans at home or at a bar cannot enjoy this popular combination of lemon juice, curaçao, grenadine and dark rum.

  • Hail Mary:

Not to be confused with the popular cocktail Bloody Mary or even the non-alcoholic mocktail Virgin Bloody Mary, this is a cocktail that is perfect for any football fans looking to cleanse their palate with something other than beer while checking out the NFL Futures for the season ahead.

To craft this beverage you will need to add SVEDKA Cucumber Lime to a specialized mix called Voluptuous which includes the following ingredients:

Tomato/vegetable juice, freshly squeezed lime juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, horseradish, hot sauce, half-sour pickle brine, chopped and peeled cucumber, ground pepper and kosher salt to complete the blend.

Served in a high ball glass with peeled shrimp, lime slices, a wedge of cucumber and a small sprig of cilantro, this is a great serving for any fans of the popular Bloody Mary cocktail.

A perfect cocktail for an amazing sport!

  • Margarita:

It feels only right to have one all-time classic cocktail make an appearance on this list and, when it comes to sports, perhaps the best one to enjoy is a delightful glass of Margarita.

Margarita’s are great to have before a game as it sharpens your brain to keep you focused and is often a great cocktail to start on if you have never tried a drink of a similar magnitude before.

It is a simple recipe but still a staple of all US bars and beverage servings as it features tequila, Cointreau and lime juice served in a Margarita glass with ice and garnished with a slice of lime across the rim.

Margarita’s are still a major fan favourite among a majority of casual drinkers and sports fans will certainly want to try their hand at enjoying a glass of this delectable beverage while watching their favourite team in action.

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