Drink Prices When Gambling in London Casinos: Minimum & Maximum Costs

12th January 2024

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Even though alcohol and gambling are a dangerous mixture, tasty cocktails have always been a part of a perfect casino night. This tradition is kept until now: the best gaming establishments globally offer huge menus with classic and innovative recipes to delight their players. 

The appearance of minimum deposit casino sites transformed the gambling industry. This entertainment has become more accessible, as players now can enjoy the best slot machines and table games from the comfort of their homes. However, virtual establishments didn’t completely replace land-based casinos with their luxury ambience and unique spirit.

Gambling online has many benefits, including broad accessibility, a huge variety of games, and multiple lucrative bonuses for casino members. On the other hand, land-based casinos boast many other benefits, including the exclusive atmosphere and the chance to enjoy a tasty cocktail when playing. 

The variety of drinks in London gaming halls is incredible, so everyone can find a spirit according to their preferences. However, their drink prices can vary greatly depending on such factors as casino location, type of bar or lounge etc. High-end casinos in Mayfair or Soho offer pricier drinks than the ones in less central locations. A bar focusing on craft cocktails will naturally be more expensive than a casual sports bar.

Beverage Variety

People come to land-based casinos not only to play risky games but also to enjoy the spirit of old-fashioned gambling. Gaming establishments try to provide exceptional service to every visitor, providing insane game collections, juicy jackpots, and thrilling tournaments. 

Tasty food and delicious drinks are also integral to a perfect gambling experience, so casinos pay special attention to this point. Visitors can enjoy various tasty beverages, including classic mixtures and contemporary signature cocktails. Let’s take a look at the general idea of drinking prices overview.

Players can pay around £5-£8 for a pint of standard lager, though craft beers or premium brands up to £12 for a pint.  Vine lovers will pay about  £6-£8 for a glass of house wine and £15 or more for a premium one. 

As for basic spirits like vodka or gin one drink might be around £5-£6, while premium brands or aged varieties can be significantly more expensive. Simple cocktails like gin and tonic might be around £8-£10, while signature drinks can easily reach £15-£20.

Types of Drinks Available

Timeless classics are always trendy, so the cocktails developed decades ago are still in demand among casino players. For example, the Dry Martini has remained the top-rated cocktail for years. Gin, vermouth, and ice are a perfect combination for a gambling night, such James Bond cocktails are widespread in British gaming houses.

Gin and Tonic is another never-changing drink that has been on the rise for almost two centuries. The classic cocktail is now available in multiple variations with syrups, juices, bitters, etc. Bartenders constantly experiment with new mixtures, but the initial recipe is always the top choice. Gin, tonic, and ice – what else is necessary for a perfect casino night?

These are only two cocktails among many other drinks in UK gambling establishments. Margarita, Piña Colada, Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitan… The list can be endless, so every casino visitor will find something special to boost their gaming experience.

Speciality Drinks

Even though classic drinks are timeless, gourmets are usually inspired by the possibility of trying something new. Visiting London and avoiding having a pint of local beer would be a real crime. This drink is an excellent option for casino players, as it doesn’t contain much alcohol and allows them to keep a sober mind when gambling. 

The same concerns cider and Scottish whiskey – don’t hesitate to try the best products from local breweries. On the other hand, every casino boasts its signature cocktails, motivating visitors to discover new tastes and return again and again. For instance, the Empire in the heart of London offers the best Porn Star Martini, so don’t miss the chance to try it! 

Vanilla vodka, passion fruit purée, Passoa, and some Prosecco form a perfect combination, which will impress your taste buds. The cocktail costs £11.95, worth every cent you pay for it! Grosvenor Casino is another amazing UK gaming establishment that locals and country visitors adore. The fantastic choice of slots and games is complemented with a huge bar menu. 

From classic cocktails to exclusive mixtures, every player will find something special. Tennessee Velvet, consisting of Jack Daniel's, raspberry liquor, lemonade, and lemon juice, will melt your heart from the first sip. The casino offers 2 cocktails for only £10 from Monday to Thursday, which is a great deal!

General Pricing Trends for Drinks at London Casinos

While casinos have long been considered destinations for the wealthy, the situation has significantly changed in the past years. Currently, this pastime is accessible to everyone: even a 10-pound deposit unlocks all the benefits. Gambling establishments aim to provide excellent service and make a perfect night out affordable for every person. 

Therefore, the average price for a cocktail is around £10, but it eventually depends on the casino and the drink’s ingredients. However, there are some tips on saving money when spending time in London gaming halls but still enjoying tasty mixtures.

Happy Hours and Special Promotions

Casinos aim to attract more visitors, providing excellent services and exclusive deals for their members. And it doesn’t only concern the gaming process! For instance, gaming halls like Grosvenor provide special prices on drinks during weekdays – so it’s a perfect chance to enjoy amazing cocktails without overpaying.


In addition, luxury gaming establishments often reward their guests with free drinks. So, it’s enough to deposit a minimum to taste a special cocktail. Just have fun in the chosen casino, and the bartender will delight you with a delicious mixture! Many gaming clubs have Happy Hours, during which they treat all players with their signature drinks or provide significant discounts.

Tips for Cost-Conscious Gamblers

Keeping an eye on their bankroll is essential for every player – and it concerns both the gaming balance and the money they spend on drinks. Casino gambling is risky; there’s always the chance to lose and be left with nothing. 

When ordering a drink you can inquire about the happy hours and promotions, or look for loyalty programs and discounts. It’s also crucial to choose your location wisely since gambling venues like Grosvenor Casino Victoria in expensive areas serve more expensive beverages compared with those in more peripheral locations.

As a rule, alcohol makes people more relaxed and prone to spontaneous decisions, increasing the chance of an unsuccessful outcome. Therefore, casino visitors must gamble responsibly and track all their expenses to avoid potential problems.

Final Insight

Casinos and cocktails have gone hand in hand for decades; it’s impossible to refuse a tasty drink when visiting these majestic gaming halls. Luckily, modern players have lots of opportunities in London. The UK capital offers top gambling hotspots, so choose among Grosvenor, the Empire, and many other famous casinos to have fun and try their exclusive signature drinks.

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