Cocktails to bring out the witch in you!

8th January 2024

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Halloween is on its way, and if you really want to get in the witchy mood, you’ll need cocktails to suit the theme! These delicious but slightly evil potions will have you howling at the moon. Watch out, kids! It’s the witching hour!

Witches' Brew

You can make this in a cauldron if you like, but we find Witches Brew works better in a cocktail shaker. It won’t make you look any younger, but this is definitely a
poisonous combination you’ll want to drink again and again! Made with vodka,
peach schnapps, blue Curacao, tropical juice, and cherry cola, it is certainly
a potent mix.

Black Cat

Classy, cool, and a little bit naughty, the Black Cat cocktail takes after its namesake. The witch's companion needs to be fierce and light on their feet. This drink is exactly the same – easy to consume but rather potent! The Chambord adds an elegant edge to the dark vodka.

Full Moon

Everyone knows that witches are at their most powerful on a full moon. Toast to this celestial event with a cocktail that is as sweet as it is wicked. A delicious
mix of Malibu, vodka, and cola, this is the drink you need to keep those
gruesome witches at bay!

Sweet Poison

Making poisons and potions is what all good witches do best! This one is irresistible, which is exactly what an effective poison should be! Easy to make and even easier to drink, it is made up of Cointreau, gin, sherry, and grenadine. Just pour in a glass and stir!

Squashed Frog

This is a shot that will have you threatening to turn grown men into small, squashed
frogs! But it is very tasty! Made of grenadine, advocaat, and Midori, the
ingredients are carefully layered to create a visual impact that leaves little
to the imagination! No frogs were harmed in the making of this drink!

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Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year, so if you are planning a party or
just want a cocktail to enjoy before the festivities begin, then these drinks
hit the perfect theme.

Now, dust off your broomstick, paint your face green, grab your pointed hat, and cut up a
bin bag! It’s time to be the scariest witch of all! No need for fancy outfits –
save your money for your cocktails!

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