8 Classic Cocktails For A Casino Night With Friends

  • 21st April 2023

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The phrase “casino” immediately conjures mental pictures of gaming tables, slot machines, roulette wheels, and drinks. Many casinos stock well-known and excellent drinks on their bar shelves. Whether you’re a gambling rookie or just looking to switch things up with your drinking buddies, you’ll find some great suggestions in the following paragraphs.

Long Island Iced Tea

Some people’s preconceived notions of alcoholic drinks are challenged when they learn that a Long Island iced drink does not actually include any tea. It is given this appellation since it seems to be nearly identical to sweetened iced tea, which is something that can be ordered at many different places. There is a significant amount of alcohol in these kinds of casino cocktails. If you are a featherweight and intend on drinking a cocktail in Las Vegas, you should limit yourself to one or two drinks at the most. Most Long Island iced teas include vodka, triple sec, light rum, gin, and tequila as their main ingredients. That is a significant amount of liquor for only one drink. A plethora of waiters will serve shots of each booze, add ice and then finish the drink with a sprinkle of normal or diet cola, depending on the customer’s preference.


Known for its fruity taste, the Screwdriver is one of the classic casino beverages. Interesting things have happened in the past that gave rise to the drink’s interesting name. American oil workers camped out in the Persian Gulf in the middle of the 20th century sometimes snuck vodka into their orange juice to spice things up on the job. They made do with a screwdriver when they realized they were out of cocktail stirrers. There are hundreds of different names for the same basic cocktail that consists of vodka and freshly squeezed juice worldwide. To that end, it is ubiquitous in any tabletop game. By enjoying an orange, customers may keep their blood sugar steady and obtain a good amount of vitamin C.

Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is like a meal in a glass, or so the saying goes. An expertly mixed drink features a wide variety of tempting flavors that it would be rude to refuse. It’s a staple of the gambling industry and a popular choice among those suffering from a hangover. If your clientele tends to overindulge the night before, this is the drink to get. The century-old beverage pairs well with any savory appetizer that can be presented on a skewer. Three measures of vodka, six ounces of tomato juice, plus as many as three dashes of black pepper, Tabasco sauce, and salt make up the classic highball at any casino. This cocktail is perfect for any casino hand and should be served on the rocks with a celery sprig and a few ice cubes.


The perfect drink for getting you in a festive mood, margaritas are a tasty cocktail for any tequila fan. Margaritas are a simple and tasty cocktail that only requires four ingredients: tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and lime wedges. The versatility of this beverage allows it to be tailored to suit individual tastes. You may throw everything into a blender, along with some ice, and give it a quick whirl. In the end, you have a tasty cocktail slushie that you won’t be able to drink just one.


A Mojito is a great choice if you’re looking for a classy cocktail in casino or want to switch things up on the game night at home. White rum, lime juice, soda water, mint, and sugar are combined to create this drink, which is served in a Cuban highball glass. The elegance of the mojito lies in its harmonious balance of alcoholic punch, sugary sweetness, tangy citrus and refreshing mint.

Dry Martini

One of the greatest ways to have fun at a casino is to keep things simple, like ordering a dry martini. A dry martini is a unique and unforgettable experience since it is shaken, not stirred. The standard ingredients for a dry martini are gin and dry vermouth. If you want to spice up your drink, ask for an olive, a lemon, or a stuffed olive. A dry martini’s appeal lies in the fact that it allows the alcohol flavor to shine through, making it an excellent alternative to sweeter cocktails.

Havana Beach

To create the celebratory Havana Beach cocktail, combine two ounces of pineapple juice, one ounce of white rum, one teaspoon of sugar, and half of fresh lime and ginger ale. Combine the chopped lime, pineapple juice, white rum and sugar in a blender, and blend until smooth. Add ginger ale and pour into a highball glass. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper and top with a cherry and lime slice.

Gloom Chaser

Gloom Chaser is believed to bring luck. A cocktail glass is prepared by straining a mixture of Grand Marnier, orange Curaçao, lemon juice, and a dash of grenadine that has been shaken with ice. Orange peel is the perfect finishing touch.

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