Cocktails for Lunchtime

8th January 2024

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September is here, which means the kids are back at school and the mums and dads can finally meet for lunch! But when you have a school run at 3pm, it is important that boozy lunches stay on the tamer side. That is why we’ve put together this list of low-alcohol cocktails, so you can enjoy a beverage without the guilt.


Let’s start with the most obvious cocktail when it comes to pacing yourself. The Mimosa is the ultimate brunch cocktail, providing just enough alcohol to make you feel like you are drinking, but pairing it with an equal amount of orange juice, so that it tastes delicious with your salmon, eggs benedict, and avocado. It is sweet, fizzy, and delicious, which is why it should be a staple at all your parent get-togethers!


Low-proof Campari and Vermouth make this a drink with a lot of spirit, but just a little kick. Topped with soda water, this is a cocktail that is refreshing and light, making a delicious addition to your meal. The best bit is, once the kids are in bed, you can switch the soda for gin to turn your weak Americano into a potent Negroni!

Sherry Cobbler

Sip on a Sherry Cobbler and you’ll enjoy a low-proof cocktail that is exactly the right blend of sweet and dry. Comprised of two types of sherry and a multitude of fruit juices, this is one that you can adapt to your own preference, reducing the amount of sherry and increasing the juice as necessary. Add just a teaspoon of cherry liqueur for a cool two-tone effect.

Bocci Ball

What could be more appealing than the seductive tones of Amaretto alongside sweet, smooth orange juice? This unexpectedly delicious combination is set to become your
afternoon drink of choice, thanks to the low-proof value of Amaretto and the
refreshing edge that the juice brings. Add to ice to create a thirst-quenching
drink that will see you through the day.

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Friar Tuck

If vodka and coke is your go-to drink, you’ll love the Friar Tuck cocktail. Halve the amount of vodka for a lower-alcohol content and enjoy the blackcurrant edge that this drink brings. This is a drink that was made to be enjoyed in the sunshine. The blackcurrant cordial helps to mask the taste of vodka so that you feel as though you are drinking a flavoured cola!

Sometimes, we want to enjoy a cocktail without getting drunk or having to endure a
hangover! These low-alcohol options are perfect and you’ll be able to sip one
or two in the afternoon without wishing away your entire day.

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Bartender's top tip

The foundation of a great cocktail is quality ingredients. Invest in good spirits that you enjoy on their own, as they'll inevitably make your cocktails taste better. Similarly, use fresh, high-quality mixers, real fruit juices, and homemade syrups instead of pre-made or artificial alternatives. Even a simple cocktail made with quality ingredients can taste exceptional.

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