Five Cosmic Cocktails that are Out of this World!

8th January 2024

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July 4th is Independence Day in the US, and for no other reason than the fact that there
is a film about aliens named after this day, we have created a list of the
tastiest (sometimes incredibly potent) space-themed drinks! Whatever your
opinion on Will Smith, he has done a great job of raising the profile of aliens
around the world! So, this Independence Day, raise a glass in their honour and
drink to those things outside of our earth that may or may not exist!

Intergalactic Gargle Blaster

When aliens strike, they are sure to incite terror with gargle blasters, right? Show them your own Intergalactic Gargle Blaster and you’ll be fine – the aliens won’t be
able to shoot straight after one or two of these! Made with triple sec, gin and
southern comfort, the only relief comes in the form of sour mix and grenadine,
which will make this drink taste like juice. It might be more dangerous than
the blasters themselves!

Alien Brain Haemorrhage

If the last drink doesn’t finish them off, the Alien Brain Haemorrhage will do the trick!
This tasty shot is made up of Sambuca, Baileys, Blue Curacao and a touch of
grenadine to make for a shooter that will muddle your own brains, never mind
the aliens! It will be worth the hangover though, because the smooth drink is

Rocket Fuel

Once you have turned your aliens into drunken, tired alcoholics, you will need to get them back to space. Rocket Fuel is the perfect option. This powerful shot
combines Sambuca and gin in a 25ml glass and is sure to put some fire in your
own feet! This is not a drink for the lightweights – you need to be able to
handle your alcohol to even attempt this one!

Cosmic Granny

Imagine if Granny had accidentally wandered into the spaceship as you were filling it up?
The Cosmic Granny cocktail would be a perfect tribute. Made up of Grand Marnier
Cordon Rouge and gin, along with lime juice and pomegranate juice, this is a
drink you’ll remember forever!

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Moon Glow

Hopefully, Granny would make it back to Earth, but she will probably have a weird aura
about her. Moon Glow is a blend of black vodka, cranberry juice and soda. This
cocktail tastes incredible but is slightly deceiving, so don’t drink too fast,
the glow the next day is not pretty!

If only cocktails really had the power to save the world from alien invasion – we would
all be heroes! In the meantime, these mouth-watering drinks should really be
enjoyed with care, if only to prevent wasting the next day in the bed!

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