Cocktails for Mums Who Have Been Homeschooling

8th January 2024

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Now the kids are back to school, it is time for the Mums to relax! Celebrate your return to some kind of normality with one of these delicious cocktails!


This sweet, fruity concoction has been made just for mums, with gin, Campari, sugar syrup, grapefruit juice and orange bitters. This is not a drink for sharing – make sure you
savour every drop yourself! It tastes best on a warm balmy evening, when the
kids are in bed and your significant other is doing the washing up!

Mothers Ruin

The name of this cocktail relates to the gin within it, which was often credited with being
the reason drunken men had no money to bring back to their family. In this
cocktail, however, the tables are turned – this is a drink for the hard-working
mother who adores her family. Made with gin, elderflower liqueur, sugar syrup,
cucumber and mint leaves, it is a tasty way to round off a busy day.

Queen Mother

All mums should be treated as the queen that they are, which is why this cocktail is perfect. Considered to be the favourite drink of Queen Elizabeth and her mother, if it
is good enough for royalty, it is certainly good enough for you! Gin and Dubbonet
– simple, effective and ever-so-tasty!

Mum in Wonderland

If you have been reading a few too many fairytales for your liking recently, then you might
appreciate the sentiment behind this very small cocktail! Made of grand marnier
and amaretto, it is easy to make and alarming easy to drink! You could even add
a little ‘Drink Me’ sign to your shot glass if you wanted!

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Lady’s Favourite

As a mum, it is easy to get lost in a never-ending spiral of demands on your time. Sometimes
you need to remember that you are a woman and you deserve to feel special. The
Lady’s Favourite is sure to do just that, with its delicious blend of apricot
brandy and cream. Simple, yet decadant!

The global pandemic has been tough on everyone, for different reasons, but today we
celebrate those mums who have been holding it all together. They’ve been
working, cleaning and entertaining the kids, all the while juggling schoolwork
and trying to maintain some semblance of a routine. Some days they’ve succeeded,
other days not so much. But all the time they’ve been brilliant!

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