Cocktails to Use Up Your Blackberries!

8th January 2024

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August is the best month for amateur foragers! Almost everyone can distinguish those ripe, bubbly blackberries and they are so easy to find with a walk along almost any hedgerow in the UK. While you might be tempted to eat them straight from the bush, they also make for some very tasty cocktails. Take a container with you so you can save a few berries for these yummy drinks.

Blackberry Bramble

An irresistible blend of blackberries, whiskey, lime and sugar, this super-sweet beverage sings summer songs as you sip! It tastes best when made with berries fresh from the bush, so waste no time in making this concoction after harvesting.

Herradura Silver Eclipse Margarita

A margarita with a difference, this drink infuses luxury and simplicity, with a fancy tequila variety and good-old-fashioned berries off the bush. Add a little Chambord, agave syrup, lime juice and salt, and you have an incredible taste sensation fit for royalty.

L'Orange Blackberry Smash

This is another elegant concoction that combines the class of Grey Goose L'Orange vodka and our favourite foraged snacks. This blackberry cocktail also consists of lime juice, sugar syrup and coconut milk for a sweet, smooth and silky drink that is ever-so moreish. Who knew that blackberries and coconut could taste so good together?!


Add some fizz to your berries with this classy cocktail. Made up of champagne, vodka, passion fruit and blackberries, this is ideal for those that like their drinks sweet and with texture. This is the perfect drink for a balmy summer evening where a little fruity kick is needed.

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This complex concoction might take some work, but it is worth the effort. Made with unique ingredients such as jasmine tea, apricot brandy and vanilla syrup, as well as brandy, rum, lemon juice, bitters and blackberries, it is fair to say you have never tasted anything quite like this before. Make sure you source all the other ingredients before collecting your berries, so you can be sure they taste as fresh as possible.

There is certainly no shortage of blackberries at this time of year, so why not have a little fun and experiment with different flavours? Adding them to your drinks is a great way to use up a large glut of berries, but it will soon become the focus of your forage! Enjoy these cocktails after a good woodland walk and you'll appreciate the time taken to find the best fruits.

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Bartender's top tip

Preparation is key. Have all your ingredients ready before your start mixing, it'll keep the flavours fresh and your cocktails tasting even better.

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