How Do You Serve Yours?

8th January 2024

It seems as though serving a cocktail in a standard cocktail glass may be a thing of the past, as more bars hop aboard the unusual glassware trend and offer their drinks up in a manner in different vessels. So how quirky is too quirky? Take a look at these and decide for yourself!

The Garden Fresh

Who doesn't like a drink in the garden? At the Foxtrot Gastropub in Bangalore, India, they bring the garden to you, so you can enjoy your drink indoors without the hassle of sunburn, wasps or dodgy tan lines. The Garden Fresh cocktail is served in a miniature watering can delivered to you on a bed of fake grass. A delicious blend of gin, apple, cucumber, mint and citrus, you definitely get the essence of the outdoors while remaining warm and dry indoors!

Treasure Chest

Mentioned in an earlier post as one of the favourite drinks of the royal family, the Treasure Chest cocktail served at Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago is quite a sight to behold. The mix of rum, fruit juice and Dom Perignon is presented in an impressive treasure chest which has been filled with dry ice to give the illusion of fog around the base. The champagne bottle is kept on the side and the drink must be consumed through an extra-long straw. This is definitely a cocktail that we'd sail the seven seas for!

Gunpowder Plot

Another drink that takes advantage of the lure of dry ice is the Gunpowder Plot cocktail at the Zeta Bar in Sydney. The mouth-watering beverage combines gin that has been infused with gunpowder flavours and then shaken with fernet branca and egg whites with spiced gunpowder syrup and bitters. It is then covered with a cloche and smoke is added to encourage the frothy lather on the top of the drink to pick up all the surrounding flavours. This curious display is set amongst twigs and an oak-scented fog to make for a truly unusual drinking experience.

The Crapper

Probably not the most immediately enticing drink, the Crapper is so named because you drink it out of a miniature toilet bowl. The cocktail is basically a Pina Colada with a chocolate twist and a tasty Snickers garnish. Head to Rock and Rita's bar in Las Vegas to find yourself a whole new bathroom routine - you even get to keep the glass!

Above and Beyond

The Above and Beyond cocktail served at the Artesian Hotel Bar in London is a tasty combo of sherry, rum and bitters in a glass that looks innocent enough but comes with a balloon attached to it. The balloon is the key to this drinks frivolity (alongside the 30-year old sherry and fancy Guatemalan rum), since the garnishes are enclosed inside, along with floral aromas and a small bag of Guatamalan worry dolls! Pop the balloon to release the cocktail magic!

Unusual drinks are not a new phenomenon, but they are certainly on the rise as bartenders work hard to outdo each other in the crazy cocktail stakes. Let us know if you've come across any other weird and wonderful displays!

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