Let's All Do the Rum-Ba

8th January 2024

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With National Rum Day (August 18th) right around the corner in America, we think it is only right to raise a glass to the sweet Caribbean nectar, no matter where you are in the world! Made from sugar by-products and available in a range of colours and flavours, there is a rum out there for everyone. Here are some of our favourite rum-based cocktails.

Raspberry Daquiri

Of course, top of the list, the Daquiri is a classic cocktail that really comes into its own in the hot summer weather. We think this raspberry variation adds a delicious twist to the old favourite. A mixture of raspberries, white rum, sugar syrup, lemon and lime, this is a super-sweet beverage that will have you feeling those tropical vibes!

Honey Bee

You know that summer is on its way when those big fluffy bumble bees come out of hibernation and start buzzing round your garden. The Honey Bee cocktail is a celebration of the warmer weather, combining white rum, honey and lemon juice for a sickly-sweet but incredibly smooth and delicious blend. One or two of these and you’ll be buzzing too!

Amaretto Cruise

Rum might not be the main star in this fancy cocktail, but the drink wouldn’t be the same without it. Combined with peach schnapps, amaretto, orange juice, cranberry juice, cream and sour mix, this blend has a little bit of everything. When made with lots of crushed ice, it is the perfect drink to sip as you sail away into the sunset on a big white cruise ship!

El Presidente

Another classic on the list, the El Presidente is a pretty potent cocktail – you might only need to drink one before hitting the water! Made with white rum, orange curacao, dry vermouth and real grenadine, this is the perfect way to start a party, or end it, whatever the case may be!

Walnut Peach Pina Colada

Another firm favourite amongst holiday makers and tourists, this version of the Pina Colada has a smooth, nutty kick that we think you’ll adore. Pineapple juice, rum and coconut cream are combined with peach and walnut liqueurs to create this creamy masterpiece.

For us, every day is National Rum Day, and with delicious cocktails like these on offer, it is easy to see why! Let us know if you have any other favourites that you think should be on this list!

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Stirring cocktails instead of shaking is better for cocktails with delicate ingredients that need to be mixed gently for the perfect taste.

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