Come On England Cocktails!

8th January 2024

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What is it about international football that makes us all suddenly become so patriotic? We fly flags we wouldn't dream of decorating our cars/houses/workplaces with usually and even those who would ordinarily avoid watching sports are suddenly purchasing football shirts that they will never wear again once the tournament is over. As an English person, I am, of course, hoping that our boys will defeat Columbia in tomorrow night's game, and I will be cheering them on while sipping on the most nationalistic cocktails I can find! Here are my very English cocktails!

White Lady

An unusual blend of gin, Cointreau, egg whites and lemon juice, this bitter beverage was named after a beautiful woman in the Ciro's club in 1919. Harry MacElhone created the silky smooth drink in homage to the mysterious encounter while working behind the bar. It requires a little bit of cocktail know-how to create, but is well-worth the effort.


You can't go wrong with a classic, and the Sidecar is such a smooth and palate-pleasing drink that even those who don't usually enjoy alcohol will want to indulge in more than one. Made with cognac, Grand Marnier, lemon juice and sugar, this English cocktail was created in the first world war, inspired by the quirky motorcycle sidecars that the American army captains would use.

Gin Fizz

Possibly the most British of spirits, gin has truly made a comeback in the style stakes and it is no surprise that it is the main ingredient in most of these drinks. The Gin Fizz is perfect for summer days, perhaps to enjoy while you are waiting for the game to start, or celebrating (hopefully) when it has finished. Made with gin, honey, lemon, orange, egg whites and soda, these is a delightful cocktail to add to your repertoire.


Who can pass a wayward blackberry bush without stopping to pick a few treats? This is possibly a very English pastime, which makes the Bramble the perfect patriotic drink. Made up of gin, lemon juice, blackberry liqueur and sugar syrup, this is a great way to use up any berries you might have foraged!

Gin and Tonic

An oldie, but a goodie, the gin and tonic is a royal favourite - adored by the Queen, her mother and her daughter-in-law. Considering all the royal celebrations that have been occurring this year, we think it is only right that a few G&Ts are consumed during this huge soccer tournament!

The World Cup might only be on for a few weeks, but these cocktails are sure to become drinks you will enjoy again and again! So even if you would rather watch paint dry than cheer on 11 sweaty men chasing a ball, you might appreciate the excuse to sip a few drinks! Come on England!

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The more you understand and appreciate different flavors and how they combine, the better your cocktails will be. Taste your ingredients individually and in combinations to understand how they complement or contrast with each other. This knowledge lets you adjust cocktails to your preference or even invent your own recipes confidently.

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