Enjoy A Poptail This Summer!

8th January 2024

When sitting out in the glorious sunshine, there is nothing better than an ice-cold beverage to keep you cool! Here we introduce you to the most chilled cocktails around – known as poptails or boozeicles, they are the perfect blend of ice lolly and alcohol. Ridiculously easy to create – simply pour your ingredients into an ice lolly mould along with your lolly stick and leave to freeze for around 12 hours! Just don’t be too over-zealous with your alcoholic measures or they might not freeze at all!

Strawberry Red Wine

A delicious blend of strawberries, balsamic vinegar and sugar roasted and brought back to room temperature, this cocktail is then created by layering red wine in the ice lolly moulds. A true staple of summer, the strawberries give it a thick, sweet edge which is beautifully countered by the wine.

Pina Colada Popsicles

For some, Pina Coladas represent the ultimate summer drink, reminding them of boozy summer vacations on the beach. This frozen version can easily be adapted for non-drinkers and children for a coconutty treat. Made with sweet coconut cream, pineapple pieces, grated coconut and maraschino cherries, those who would like alcohol simply add a rum of your choice!

Mint Julep Boozicle

The Mint Julep is such a classic, that it can be dangerous adapting the recipe without fear of offence! However, this frozen version is so delicious that we think it will be fine! A combination of water, sugar, mint and bourbon, this is the perfect lolly for long summer evenings!

Maple Brown Derby Cocktail Pops

This grapefruit, maple syrup, bourbon and bitters combination is ideal for those summer days where the sun is refusing to get out of bed! Some days the weather just doesn’t play ball, but the heat from the bourbon will counteract the chill of the cocktail pop, keeping you refreshed and in the summer spirit!

Pineapple Margarita Ice Pop

This fruity extravaganza is a delight for the tastebuds, providing nutrition, ice cold refreshment and a little hit of alcohol for good measure! Pineapple, lime, sugar and mint are combined with tequila and Cointreau for the perfect summer party starter!

Whether you are chilling on the beach or throwing the biggest garden party, these popsicles are sure to make you a few friends and bring out your inner child! Remember, lick responsibly!

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Bartender's top tip

Balance is key in mixology. Always measure ingredients. A dash less or more can transform a drink. Experiment with fresh garnishes; they can elevate even the simplest cocktails to new heights.

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