Cocktails Fit For a King or Queen

8th January 2024

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All eyes are firmly on the royal family this May, after the birth of a new little Prince and before the impending marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We can only imagine the extravagant reception that will follow the much-anticipated nuptials. Will the Queen indulge in a few glasses of Prosecco? Will Prince Charles get tipsy on a few too many bottled beers? If you are looking to celebrate along with the happy couple on May 19th, you might choose to drink one of the royal family’s favourite drinks:

The Queen

Always so prim, proper and perfectly presented, it has been said that the Queen actually enjoys four alcoholic drinks daily. Before lunch she adores a gin and Dubbonet with lots of lemon and ice (The Queen Mother cocktail). After lunch is a glass of fine wine and a dry Gin Martini, and she can’t get to sleep until she has sipped on a lovely bubbly glass of Champagne in the evening. Is this the key to a long and prosperous life?!

Prince Phillip

When you are filthy rich, you can demand the finest, most expensive tipples to be brought to your table. Prince Phillip, however, settles for an ice-cold Boddingtons beer.

Prince Charles and Camilla

His son has slightly more refined tastes and Charles is particularly fond of a single malt whiskey. His favourites are Laphroaig and Barrogill. Like his mother, he also likes a dry Gin Martini, with equal amounts of gin and vermouth. His wife, Camilla, Duchess of York, prefers a Gin and Tonic.

Prince William and Kate

A man after our own hearts, Prince William loves a cocktail! His favourite is served at the Mahiki in Mayfair. The Treasure Chest costs £135 and is a delicious combination of peach liqueur, brandy and champagne. When he is at home, however, he is happy enough with a Guinness. His union with Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was clearly a match made in heaven, as she is also a cocktail connoisseur, preferring the Crack Baby beverage served at the now defunct Boujis nightclub. Made up of vodka, raspberry liquor, passionfruit and champagne, we are sure she now has someone else making these for her when she develops a thirst! Alternatively, she is prone to a Jack Daniels.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Back in his wild-child days, Harry loved a Sambuca and was also partial to a Vodka Redbull (made with Ciroc Vodka, naturally). Nowadays, he prefers to drink the premium vodka straight-up. His wife-to-be has named wine as one of her biggest vices. Her favourite is a Tignanello red, although she switches to a rose in the summer.

Other Family Members

Princess Margaret had a fondness for wine and spirits, particularly gin and tonic or whisky and soda, while Prince Edward enjoys a gin and tonic. The late Queen Victoria preferred a beer, scotch whisky or claret, while the much-missed Princess Diana was a big fan of a Peach Bellini. It is said that King Edward VII had a combination of brandy, honey and ginger made up especially for him for ‘medicinal purposes’.

Who knew the Royal family were such big drinkers?! Turns out they are more like the rest of us than we thought!

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