Cocktails in the Pool

8th January 2024

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Now that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are finally starting to rise, you may have turned your thoughts towards booking your summer holiday! No doubt you'll be looking for sun, sea and super-dooper cocktails, so we’ve found some of the very best poolside cocktail bars around the world that will let you swim up to the bar and order exquisite and signature beverages that will ensure your getaway is one you’ll remember forever.

Costa Rica: Hotel Punta Islita

A hotel that goes above and beyond to ensure its visitors have a luxurious visit, this infinity-edge pool atop the hotel terrace is set right by the ocean, making for some fantastic views and a lovely coastal breeze. Plus, you can swim up to Harry’s bar and order a range of tropical cocktails, including the Morena Mia, a super-sweet and refreshing cocktail unique to this resort.

Croatia: Hotel Monte Mulini

If the culture and city life of the historical country of Croatia are all a bit too overwhelming, then take a break at the beautiful Hotel Monte Mulini pool, which comes with magnificent views over Lone Bay. Meanwhile, the poolside bar offers ice-cold cocktails that are certain to quench your thirst and provide welcome refreshment after a day of sight-seeing.

Hawaii: The Four Seasons Maui

When in Hawaii, cocktails in the sun are absolutely essential (grass skirt are optional)! However, few hotels do it as well as the Four Seasons Maui, where the serenity pool is complete with an infinity edge that gives views over the island and is surrounded by a lush, tropical garden oasis. Speciality cocktails are served in the poolside bars; whether you’d prefer to swim-up or stand is up to you!

Thailand: The Kee Resort

In the sumptuous pool at the Kee Resort in Thailand, they take things one step further. Not only can you swim up to the bar and order a range of mouth-watering cocktails, but there is a dining table in the centre, so you can enjoy a snack too! Well, swimming does build up an appetite! Other features include a 12m-high fountain and colourful underwater lights which help to create a romantic setting in the evening.

Barbados: Crystal Cove Resort

The pool at the Crystal Cove Resort is more like a lagoon, and the poolside bar is actually based in a cave – only accessible through a waterfall! The ideal place to cool off and grab an ice-cold cocktail, this unique feature makes this bar one of the best.

Each one of these locations offers something interesting and exotic. Somebody hand me my sunhat and shades – I can’t wait to try them all out!

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