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8th January 2024

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The art of mixology can be a difficult science, but the very best bartenders in the world make it look easy. They mix up flavours and create new cocktail concoctions that other people would never have dreamed of putting together. Often emulated but never bettered, if you are looking for the perfect blends of spirits and mixers, then take a trip to one of these destinations where you will find five of our favourite bartending wizards.

1. London

Head to the Gibson bar in the trendy Shoreditch area of London to track down Marian Beke, the Slovakian cocktail master who came to London to learn both English and the language of mixology. He has spent some years refining his craft, picking up award after award for his genius combinations, until he was finally able to open his own bar and fill it with his cocktails. The bar’s signature cocktail, the Gibson Martini, takes the traditional drink and gives it a modern twist.

2. Singapore

If you ever find yourself wandering along Hongkong Street, then make your way to number 28, where Zdenek Kastanek can be found mixing a delicious cocktail or two. The bartender is from the Czech Republic and has also managed bars in London, where he worked on his craft and often found himself in the running for many prestigious awards, although he is still, unbelievably, yet to win one. His signature drink is a Quo Vadis.

3. Sydney

You can’t spend time in this Australian city without visiting one of Tim Phillip’s bars. Choose from Bulletin Place or Dead Ringer and make your way through a cocktail list full of traditional favourites. While the menu changes on a daily basis, you might get the chance to experience Phillips’ signature cocktail, the Reincarnation Flip, which is a quirky, yet delightful drink that is well worth the journey.

4. Tokyo

According to Hidetsugu Ueno, the Japanese style of cocktail making is very different to what you might experience in America or Europe. He is a bartender that takes part in both judging and winning international awards, but when he is not travelling the world you will find him at Bar High Five in Tokyo, where your Daquiri will be shaken, not frozen.

5. Cork

Andy Ferreira is the owner of Cask bar in Ireland, and has built his reputation on creating cocktails using foraged and seasonal produce. His menu changes on a weekly basis, depending on what ingredients he has on offer, so you are always sure to find something unique and unexpected.

So, if you are ever wandering around any of these cities, make sure to pop in and say hello to these genius mixologists – you might get the best cocktail you have ever tasted!

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Bartender's top tip

Photograph your creation. Cocktails are visual works of art, take a staged picture to remember your curated creation before its taste is enjoyed.

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